Released: June, 1971

Recorded: 1971

Genre: Pop rock

Length: 27:21

Label: Kapp/MCA

Producer: Snuff Garrett, Denis Pregno-lato

All I Ever Need Is You is the fourth studio album by American rock duo Sonny & Cher, released in 1971 by Kapp/MCA Records. The album was released in 1971 and reached #3 on the Billboard album charts. The title track was a top ten in the US singles chart, and a #1 in the Adult Contemporary chart. The next single was released titled "A Cowboy's Work Is Never Done" and hit #2 in the Billboard's Hot 100 chart, as well as #2 in Canada and US AC chart. "When You Say Love" was released as a single but not from this LP. It's b side "Crystal Clear/Muddy Waters" came from this LP and both on their "Greatest Hits" collection from 1974.



Album History

The album is largely a collection of cover songs including "More Today Than Yesterday" (originally by The Spiral Starecase) and "United We Stand"). The only song performed by Bono solo was "You Better Sit Down Kids", which was previously a top ten solo hit by Cher.

Main vocals: Cher
Main vocals: Sonny Bono
Arranger: Al Capps
Producer: Snuff Garrett
Producer: Denis Pregnolato

Charts History

US Billboard 3 peak position


Track listing

Side A

01. "All I Ever Need Is You" 2:38
02. "Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling" 2:33
03. "More Today Than Yesterday" 2:30
04. "Crystal Clear/Muddy Waters" 2:39
05. "United We Stand" 2:35

Side B

01. "A Cowboy's Work Is Never Done" 3:14
02. "I Love What You Did With The Love I Gave You" 2:20
03. "You Better Sit Down Kids" 3:16
04. "We'll Watch The Sun Coming Up (Shining Down On Our Love)" 2:29
05. "Somebody" 3:07


Singles from All I Ever Need Is You

"All I Ever Need Is You"
Released: 1971
"A Cowboy's Work Is Never Done"
Released: 1971

Photoshoot from "All I Ever Need Is You"