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Posted by: Chris-q 22.08.2011


At 65, she is lucky enough to possess the face and figure of a woman less than half her age.
But yesterday, Cher gave people a rather bizarre glimpse of her beauty regime.
The singer and actress sported a cream face mask as she was driven around Malibu.

With her black hair up, she was sat in the passenger seat of a friend's black Bentley as the mask dried in the sun.

The star, who turns 66 next May, may have been conscious of her rather unusual appearance and sat quite low in the passenger seat.
Cher puts her youthful looks down to 'good genes.'

'I don't smoke, I don't drink, I eat really good food,' she once told Access Hollywood.
'I have great genes from my mom and my grandmother, added Cher, who had a hit single entitled If I Could Turn Back Time back in 1989.
She also told that she receives a lot of help in the beauty department.

'Thereís a team of five dozen people, and it takes them two hours. Thatís the truth,' she said, adding that she believed her secret to longevity was 'luck.'
However, despite her advancing years, Cher shows no signs of slowing down.
She has just provided the voice of Janet the Lioness in the film Zookeeper which was released last month.
This September, she will be releasing a duet with Lady Gaga, entitled The Greatest Thing, written by Gaga and producer RedOne.
The singer, who starred alongside Christina Aguilera in musical Burlesque last year, is also working on her 26th studio album.
'It really wonít be Believeí-ish, she told Entertainment Weekly last year.
'It will be moreÖI donít know how to say it. I canít put a genre to it.
'Itís a little bit more real instruments, like guitars and stuff like that.'
There has been no official release date set for the new album.


Posted by: Twins 17.08.2011


World famous singer Cher made a rare appearance, while attending to a Private Party at a designer's house in Pacific Palisades, CA. The 65 year old singer arrived with friend Kristen Bell. These photos you can see in the gallery.


Posted by: Chris-q 01.08.2011


We have added exclusive photos from Vogue photoshoot (September 1974) photographed by Avedon. These photos you can see in the gallery.

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