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Posted by: Twins 29.08.2013


“Closer to the Truth” is the upcoming twenty-sixth studio album by American singer-songwriter Cher. The album it’s scheduled for release on digital retailers on September 24, 2013 via Warner Bros Records and it comes preceded by the lead single “Woman’s World” that was released on June 18.
“Woman’s World”
“Take It Like a Man” (feat. Jake Shears)
“My Love”
“Dressed to Kill”
“Lovers Forever”
“I Walk Alone”
“Favorite Scars”
“I Hope You Find It”
“Lie to Me”
Deluxe Version
“I Don’t Have to Sleep to Dream”
“You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me” (Original Version)
“Woman’s World” (R3hab Remix)
“Woman’s World” (Jodie Harsh Remix)
“Will You Wait for Me"


Posted by: Chris-q 24.08.2013


After 48 years in the business, you’d think that Cher would be slowing down, but think again! The singer is releasing a new album “Closer To The Truth” this year and our very own Rick Campanelli sat down with the diva to get the scoop on her new “baby.”
“This has been my manager’s baby for the past couple of years,” Cher tells Rick, adding, “this has been my baby for the last year.”

“He was bothering me to do it, then all of a sudden I was in the studio and then it was finished today,” she continues. “We finished it today.”
To clarify, the diva says that maybe it wasn’t such a bother. “I’m just very stubborn and I just wasn’t thinking, I didn’t want to do it!” And why didn’t she want to make another chart-topping album? “Honestly, I just didn’t think to,” she says adding, “it was challenging! You know, just the idea of going into the studio and trying to make something that was relevant”. But we’re sure glad she did. With a single that’s number 1 on the Dance Club chart, maybe her manager should bother Cher to do more things!


Posted by: Twins 23.08.2013


Cher is looking to cross her number 1 dance hit, Woman’s World, over to the pop charts with the release of the official video for the song. Here is the official video which was released on Wednesday.
Cher’s new album, Closer to the Truth, will be released on September 24 and is her first since 2001′s Living Proof (not counting the soundtrack to Burlesque).
Closer to the Truth offers a wide variety of guest work including a duet with Jake Shears and two songs written by P!nk. Missing from the track listing is The Greatest Thing, a duet that she recorded with Lady Gaga.
A deluxe edition of the album will add six more cuts including remixes and the original version of the Burlesque song You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me Yet.
The track list:
Woman’s World
Take It Like a Man (featuring Jake Shears)
My Love
Dressed to Kill
Lovers Forever
I Walk Alone
Favorite Scars
I Hope You Find It
Lie to Me
Additional tracks on Deluxe Edition:
I Don’t Have to Sleep to Dream
You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me (Original Version)
Woman’s World (R3hab Remix)
Woman’s World (Jodie Harsh Radio Remix)
Will You Wait For Me


Posted by: Chris-q 20.08.2013


It's been a long wait for Cher fans after the singer went on hiatus 12 years ago.
However, the legendary singer is finally back with a new single Woman's World and accompanying video, which exclusively premieres today on the MailOnline.
Although she's been away from the charts for over a decade, Cher shows her penchant for wigs hasn't dimmed as she shows off a variety of flamboyant creations.
Perhaps poking fun at the untrue rumours written about her over the decades, Cher wigs out in headgear made of old newspaper cuttings.
In another sequence, she wears a more traditional white number with black flecks, before going back to the '70s in a bushy red wig.
As you would expect from the 67-year-old diva, Woman's World is a thumping dance track, which will no doubt find it's way on to many DJs' playlists for Saturday nights on the dancefloor.
And while Cher is the main attraction in the video, she is joined by a variety of women of different races, ages and appearances in the female empowerment track.
The video proves for humorous scenes as split screens appear to give Cher different people's bodies and outfits as she belts out the song.

The single is the first release from Cher's upcoming comeback album Closer To The Truth - her first release in 12 years and follow-up to her 2001 disc Living Proof.
Fans will remember Woman's World first premiered with Cher's first live performance in over 10 years on the season finale of The Voice in June.
However, after a limited release in the US at the time, the single will now be officially released on October 13, with the album following on October 14.
Only time will tell if the catchy track proves as popular at Cher's mega hit Believe, which sold an amazing 1.7million copies in the UK.
The new video comes a week after another one of Cher's tracks The Greatest Thing, which was co-written by Lady Gaga, leaked online.
With a host of awards behind her, including Grammys and Oscars, Cher has been a figurehead of the charts since the early '60s.
Among her biggest hits include I Got You Babe - with ex-husband Sonny Bono - If I Could Turn Back Time and The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss).
Although Cher has been away from the recording studios for a while, she has been busy performing, including a three year residency in Las Vegas.


Posted by: Twins 18.08.2013


It’s hard to believe Lady Gaga asked Cher to hold her meat purse at the 2010 VMAs, even harder to believe that the interaction led to a duet.
Two years ago, Cher and Gaga recorded “The Greatest Thing,” a song that Gaga and producer RedOne had been playing with in the studio for a couple years. Originally slated for release in September 2011, the song never saw the light of day. Back in June of this year, Cher offered a quick explanation regarding “The Greatest Thing” in a fan reply on Twitter. “It’s done & she doesn’t like it, or want it to come out,” Cher wrote at the time (and has since deleted). “She’s an artist, it’s up to her. I’m disappointed 2.”
Now “The Greatest Thing” has leaked, since that seems to be Gaga’s luck this week.
Last week’s leak set Cher off on Twitter, mostly over the fact that it’s the “wrong” version of “The Greatest Thing.” Admittedly, the music does sound a little dated, a piano line and synthesized harps fighting for the focus over a dance beat and distorted vocal effects in the background. Basically, it sounds more Cher than Gaga in its particular brand of over-the-top gay dance club banger.
When sat down with Cher in late June, she mentioned that “The Greatest Thing” needed updating musically, and that’s part of why it wasn’t released.
“That’s a weird one, but also it’s the first one I actually recorded [getting back into the studio to make Closer To The Truth],” Cher told “I was very excited about it, and I think the music needed to be updated because we did it two years ago. I think maybe that was a problem too, but she sounds great on it.”
Still, it was Gaga’s call to not release the song. When asked if she was disappointed by Gaga’s decision, Cher replied, “Oh God yeah!”
“Because I like it,” she continued. “As an artist, you make the decision that you feel, and she doesn’t feel it. I totally understand. It’s not my choice. Music is here (points to her heart), and if she doesn’t feel it, she doesn’t feel it. But I have it to listen to! (Laughs).”
Now, it seems, so does everyone else.
Cher’s first album in 12 years, Closer To The Truth, will be released Sept. 24 by Warner Bros. and features the lead single “Woman’s World.” She’s not ruling out the possibility of collaborating with Gaga again, but for the new album, Cher worked heavily with another pop star in the songwriting role — Pink.
“These songs, I just loved from five seconds into them,” Cher told of Pink’s contributions to her forthcoming album. “She’s just a great singer and she’s great songwriter – she’s the total package. I understood them, and when you hear them, you’ll understand why I understood them. They’re so personal, but they work for both of us.”

Source: (Byron Ward)


Posted by: Chris-q 14.08.2013


Usually, it's the nasty exchanges between celebs that get attention on Twitter, so it's nice to see two pop icons, Lady Gaga and Cher, in a love fest instead.
The two singers have just recorded a duet, The Greatest Thing, which surfaced online on Tuesday, much to their chagrin.
Cher, a Gaga-like figure before Gaga was born, tweeted that it wasn't the right version and that she was ticked off that someone leaked it. But she tweeted "Great lyrics" to Gaga.
And she added, "GaGa's SINGLE IS GREAT, & THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS," referring to Gaga's new Applause, which also came out Tuesday.
Gaga was thrilled. "AHHHjjhh my KWEEN!" she tweeted.
Then: "I love you @cher ! Thank you for the support, you're the greatest thing!"
And: "THANK YOU FOR HOLDING MY MEATPURSE," referring to the time Cher held Gaga's "bag" on stage at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.
Even Katie Couric was impressed by their exchange: "Love when women support other women! Go @ladygaga and @cher!!!," she tweeted today.

Listen to "The Greatest Thing" below:



Posted by: Twins 04.08.2013



In Cher's latest No. 1 Dance Club/Play Songs chart hit "Woman's World," she sings, "I'm dancin' solo, in the dark, on the club floor." Shortly after midnight last Saturday (July 27), she was on the club floor at Rasputin in West Hollywood -- but definitely not solo.
"You missed a good party," Cher tells Billboard of the event, staged to celebrate her new No. 1. "But it was so hot. Oh my God!"
While the diva herself didn't perform at the club, she took in a performance from possibly the next best thing: famed Cher impersonator Chad Michaels. Cher says that she "loved what he put together," calling his rendition of "Song For the Lonely" "genius."
"Woman's World" is the thumping first single from Cher's new studio album, "Closer to the Truth," due Sept. 24 on Warner Bros. Records. It's her first studio release since 2002's "Living Proof" and features two songs written by P!nk, as well as a guest vocal turn from Scissor Sisters' Jake Shears.
"I love him," Cher says of Shears. "What we did with his voice (on the song) is so strange, but I know he's gonna love it."
"Woman's World," her eighth No. 1 on the Dance Club/Play Songs chart, is a song that Cher says "sings itself," explaining that it only took about an hour to record her vocals for the track. The tune was produced by Paul Oakenfold and co-written by Oakenfold, Anthony "TC" Crawford, Matt Morris and Joshua "J.D." Walker.
The public got its first taste of the song way back in November 2012, when it leaked to the Internet. Warner Bros. quickly released a high-quality version of the track through Cher’s official website in order to counter the unmastered leak. However, the single didn’t get a proper rollout until June 18, when it was serviced to radio stations and Cher performed the cut on the finale of NBC's "The Voice."
Shortly after that, the iconic artist did a flurry of TV and radio press in New York. The sweep included a buzzed-about mini-concert on June 30, which capped the city's annual gay Pride festival.
The performance came right as the dance club promotion of "Woman's World" kicked into high gear. Club DJs were serviced with a series of remixes by the likes of Jodie Harsh, Jason Nevins, David Morales, R3HAB, tyDi, Tracy Young, Danny Verde and Zookëper. An official music video for the song is forthcoming, and could debut within the next few weeks.
As for what "Closer to the Truth" sounds like, Cher says that "Woman's World" doesn't really represent the vibe of the entire set. The music legend describes the first half of the album as being very "dance-y," while "the second half of the album is very eclectic," with a banjo-enhanced number as well as a "real teary ballad" written by P!nk called "Lie to Me." (The title of the album came from a line in the second P!nk-contributed song, called "Walk Alone.")
Cher remains enthusiastic about her collaboration with Shears, calling their "double-entendre" team-up on "Take It Like a Man" one of her "favorite tracks." But one artist who won't be on the album is Lady Gaga. While Cher and Gaga had planned on a duet for inclusion on the album, it was ultimately not included in the final tracklist.
More details on the album -- and Cher's busy promotional schedule -- are due in the coming days and weeks. The entertainer will be all over the TV, including a performance on NBC's "Today" show.
"I'm probably going to be everywhere you look," says Cher, "and you're gonna go 'I wish she would go away!'"

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