Released: August 21, 1980

Recorded: 1980 at Sunset Sound Recorders and Westlake Audio in Los Angeles

Genre: Pop rock, new wave

Length: 33:17

Label: James Newton Howard


Black Rose is the seventeenth studio album by American singer-actress Cher and the debut album by her band, Black Rose. The album was released on August 21, 1980 by Casablanca Records. Unlike previous records (such as Take Me Home) the album was a commercial failure, failed to chart and has sold only 400,000 copies worldwide.




Album History

In 1980 Cher and her part-time boyfriend Les Dudek wanted to form a band called Black Rose.
The band, before signing a contract with Casablanca Records, was an independent Rock band that played in small clubs around Los Angeles and tried to make it without trading on Cher's celebrity. After all, Cher became the group's lead singer and the other components were: Les Dudek, Gary Ferguson, Michael Finnigan, Warren Ham, Rocket Ritchotte and Trey Thompson. Black Rose, the last of Cher's albums released by the Casablanca Records, was produced by James Newton Howard. Her name never appeared on the album cover and Cher's face was only seen in a band photo on the back cover.
The album is Cher's first album with a rock sound that will characterise her future Geffen-era albums.


Track listing


01."Never Should've Started" 4:14
02."Julie" 3:21
03."Take It From the Boys" 4:59
04."We All Fly Home" 3:56
05."88 Degrees" 5:57
06."You Know It" 3:20
07."Young and Pretty" 4:03
08."Fast Company" 3:47


The album was a flop and Cher fans were unaware of the project. After the failure of the album the band broke up the following year. This period of Cher with her band, isn't well known. In fact, in her major biographies is not treated, or is just mentioned.
The album was later released on CD. That release has different artwork, with Cher's face and credited as Cher's seventeenth solo album. And The Album Cover Was A Picture Of An Animated Version Of Cher's foot


Photoshoot from "Black Rose"