Director: Alessio de Paola

Year: 1969
Country: USA


What's wrong with-- "Chastity"?

She's Not Just A Girl, She's An Experience!

Pick Her Up If You Dare!

A cop out! A drop out! And so far out she's not just a girl, she's an experience!

There's NEVER been a woman like Chastity!

She's not a girl, she's a whole other thing!

Production Companies: American International Pictures (AIP), Progress Motion Pictures

Cast: Cher, Barbara London, Stephen Whittaker, Tom Nolan, Danny Zapien, Elmer Valentine, Burke Rhind, Richard Armstrong

Writers: Sonny Bono

Produced by: Sonny Bono, Hugo Grimaldi, Samuel Z. Arkoff

Original Music by: Sonny Bono

Cinematography by: Ben Colman

Genre: Drama | Romance

Runtime: 83 min

Release Date:

24 June 1969 USA

Filming Location: Phoenix, Arizona, USA



Plot summary:


IMDB.com: Go on a cross country adventure with Cher in her first dramatic film, Chastity. Chastity ('Cher') is a lonely young girl who is hitchhiking across the country in hopes of finding someone to love her and make her forget her disturbed past. She does find love with a man whom she calls Andre ('Stephen Whittaker'). Chastity feels that the relationship is getting too serious so she decides to run. She goes to Mexico where she starts working at a whorehouse, there she befriends the strange lesbian owner (Barbara London). Chastity is looking for a mother figure in the woman, but the woman has different feelings for Chastity. She soon realizes that this is not the life for her and decides to return to Andre and try to start a new normal life. Things are good, but not for long as Chastity's dark disturbed past will never let her feel loved by anyone. Written by Clint Hickman


RottenTomatoes.com: This road movie features Cher in her first title role. The story, written and produced by her husband Sonny, is the tale of Chastity, a wandering girl who goes hitchhiking across the U.S looking for adventure. She has taken on a new name and the attitude that she will spurn the advances of anyone who wants to give her more than a ride in their car. After fighting off several lecherous lunatics, she takes refuge in a bordello run by Diana Midnight (Barbara London). It turns out Diana has designs on Chastity in hopes she will not live up to her name. Chastity moves in with Eddie (Stephen Whittaker) for a few nights before hitting the road once again in this story written by Sonny Bono. ~ Dan Pavlides, Rovi



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- Chaz Bono, daughter of Sonny & Cher, was conceived during the making of this movie, and named for it.

- In the scene of Eddie's apartment, the Arlo Guthrie album 'Alice's Restaurant' is shown in a very far distance in the living room while Chastity and Eddie are in sitting on the couch in the foreground.

- Sonny Bonno financed the film independently.

- The film bombed at the box office. The audience laughed at the serious moments. After that Cher promised that she will never play again.


Memorable quotes:


Man in car: Hey, you wanna do a thing honey?
You gotta have a thing to do a thing, creep.


Trucker: "Do you mind if I get undressed?"
Chastity: "I donít mind if you slit your throat!"