Released: September 1977

Recorded: April 1977 in the "Larrabee Sound Studio", North Hollywood, CA

Genre: Pop

Length: 29:19

Label: Warner Bros.

Producer: Snuff Garrett, Al Capps

Cherished is the fourteenth studio album by American singer-actress Cher released in September 1977 by Warner Bros. Records. This album, like other several predecessors, was a commercial failure and failed to chart. Cherished was released in the 1977 and was the last album produced by Snuff Garrett. The years 1975, 1976 and 1977 were very unsuccessful for her, despite the huge success of her TV show. The Cher Show was a top-10 rated show but the album wasn't much publicized. As a result, it sold very little, failed in the charts and was ignored by critics and fans.




Album History

Cher was dissatisfaction with the final results of the album and in an interview, she said that she never enjoyed making this album. She only made it because of the contract deal with the Warner Bros.
The style of the record recalls her old hits like Dark Lady and Half Breed. "Cherished" is also Cher's first album without her name on the cover because the title of the album is a pun of the Cher name.
The first single released was "Pirate" which reached #93 in Billboard. This song was also used as a bonus track on some edition of the "I'd Rather Believe in You" album, being track number one in the Australian version, re-titled "Images". Though "Pirate was a small hit, was released as a second single "War Paint and Soft Feathers" but it didn't chart.


Track listing


Side A

01."Pirate" 03:06
02."He Was Beautiful" 02:51
03."War Paint and Soft Feathers" 03:01
04."Love the Devil Out of Ya" 02:15
05."She Loves to Hear the Music" 03:10

Side B

01."L.A. Plane" 03:38
02."Again" 02:30
03."Dixie" 02:26
04."Send the Man Over" 03:47
05."Thunderstorm" 02:35


During these years, Cher's voice was changing constantly. On "Cherished" she sounded very deep. Although not her best album, now fans still tend to like Cherished.

Singles from Cherished
Released: 1977
"War Paint and Soft Feathers"
Released: 1977


Photoshoot from "Cherished"