Released: May 1974

Recorded: 1974

Genre: Pop, rock, adult contemporary

Length: 28:59

Label: MCA

Producer: Snuff Garrett


Dark Lady is the eleventh studio album by American singer-actress Cher, released on May 1974 by MCA. Cher again collaborated with Snuff Garrett as a record producer, and with Al Capps for the arrangements. Dark Lady was the third and final studio album for MCA. It was also the last record promoted on her successful "The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour" show. After its release, the album received positive reviews from critics but, unlike her previous record produced by Garrett, was only moderately successful.




   Charts History

US Billboard 69 peak position

Canadian Chart 33 peak position

Norwegian Chart 20 peak position



Track listing

Side A

01. "Train of Thought" 2:34
02. "I Saw a Man and He Danced with His Wife" 3:13
03. "Make the Man Love Me" 3:17
04. "Just What I've Been Lookin' For" 2:36
05. "Dark Lady" 3:26

Side B

01. "Miss Subway of 1952" 2:16
02. "Dixie Girl" 3:26
03. "Rescue Me" 2:22
04. "What'll I Do" 2:28
05. "Apples Don't Fall Far from the Tree" 3:21




Singles from Dark Lady           


"Dark Lady"
Released: February, 1974
"Train Of Thought"
Released: June, 1974
"I Saw A Man And He Danced With His Wife"
Released: 1974
"Rescue Me"
Released: 1974