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Posted by: Twins 28.02.2013


We love a random celebrity friendship, and here’s one that is particularly so.

Earlier today Cher and Fergie, of Black Eyed Peas fame, stepped out arm and arm in Paris for a spot of shopping. You really can’t get any more showbiz than that can you?

Fergie announced her pregnancy a few weeks ago – she’s expecting her first child with husband Josh Duhamel – but evidently she’s in no mood to be purchasing sensible maternity wear just yet.

She and Cher hit some of Paris’ most upmarket boutiques and were obviously out to splash some cash; they left one designer store wearing a completely different ensemble than the ones they entered it in.

Fergs and Cher are in the City of Lights for Fashion Week, where they attended Rick Owens Show.



Posted by: Chris-q 28.02.2013


STRONG ENOUGH: “Black is the new black,” Cher observed from her front-row seat at Gareth Pugh’s show on Wednesday night after surveying what most of the audience was wearing. She, too, wore it head-to-toe, a perfect foil for her outsize crystal jewelry by Michael Schmidt. “I’m the black velvet tray,” she said, extending her arms to show off her studded cuffs.

The singer said she’s in Paris to celebrate the birthday of her friend Loree Rodkin, the jewelry designer, who brought her to the Pugh show along with Chrome Hearts co-owner Laurie Lynn Stark.
“I’m on my way to London to finish my album,” Cher told WWD, confessing she still hasn’t settled on a title for it. The first single, “It’s a Woman’s World,” is slated to come out in June, she noted.
The singer was peppered with questions about Pugh’s fashion — “I’ve never seen them, I have no idea,” she demurred — and gamely posed for cell phone photos. “I feel like a statue. I hope a bird lands on me,” she said.
Stark said she is working on perfume and other beauty products for Chrome Hearts, and was test-driving a blue nail-polish shade called Kiki.

On Twitter one fan wrote: "99% sure @cher's new album will not be released in March." Later Cher tweeted: "I’m sure it won’t Either! Single in June cd in Sept! There!! Freak! Leave!! hold your fkng breath till u turn Blue!"


Posted by: Twins 28.02.2013


She's been known to wear some bizarre outfits in her time.

And Cher didn't disappoint during a recent outing in Paris. 

The 66-year-old wore unusual diamond-checkered trousers, chains and a pirate-inspired black hat as she attended the Balmain runway show on Thursday with fellow singer Fergie during Paris Fashion Week.

The music superstar showed off her quirky side in the black-and-white slim fit trousers as she left the George V Hotel on her way to the fashion show.

The singer looked edgy in a puffy black leather jacket that sported a fur trim. She wore what looked like a white scarf knotted around her neck, while a long rope of chains hung from her left hip. 

She stayed true to her rocker roots with a strange black hat that displayed the word 'Rock' in silver capital lettering on the front.

The Oscar winner wore black boots and over-sized sunglasses, and carried a simple black handbag.

The star, who has never hidden her love of plastic surgery, highlighted her eyes with dark pink eyeshadow.

Cher was first snapped leaving her Paris hotel before arriving at the Balmain Fall/Winter 2013 Ready-To-Wear fashion show with Black Eyed Peas frontwoman Fergie.

The 37-year-old blonde, who recently announced she is pregnant, looked equally unusual in leather trousers and a matching black cape over a striped blazer that hung open to show the first signs of her growing baby bump.

A long Chanel necklace hung over her bun in the oven and she hid her eyes behind purple-tinted glasses as she headed for the catwalk with her musician friend.

In a career which started in the early 1960s, Cher has never shied away from using wigs, clothes and even surgery to update her look.

In one interview, the refreshingly honest star once admitted: 'Yes I have had a facelift, but who hasn't? I have become the plastic surgery poster girl.

'Everyone says I am terrified of getting old but the truth is that in my job becoming old and becoming extinct are one and the same thing'.


Posted by: Chris-q 27.02.2013


It's like a visit from pop royalty: the one and only Cher was spotted in the front row at the Gareth Pugh show on February 27 during Paris Fashion Week. The star visited the show at the Hotel Salomon de Rothschild with her friends Loree Rodkin and Laurie Stark. All photos you can see in the gallery.


Posted by: Twins 26.02.2013


Cher posted a photo from Loree Rodkin's birthday party on Twitter. The star arrived specially to Paris to celebrate her friend's b'day. Cher tweeted: "Hey guys sitting in fab club! LOREE'S BDay! sorry cant see screen! plus Everyone is yelling! We are crazy! pics pics we are Lovely women! Great time! jen just took most hysterical pic of me in Starks." Later she added: "That pic was me showing all these youngsters how to Twt! Everyone is talking, laughing, being crazy! GOD OLDSTERS ARE RIDICULOUS"
We've also uploaded new paparazzi photos of Cher arriving at Aeroport Roissy - Charles de Gaulle on February 25, 2013 in Paris, France.


Posted by: Chris-q 25.02.2013


Writer/Producer Gayle Dickie has secured the majority financing for her Indy film and set to go after Hollywood’s A-listers in her heartfelt comedy “Bet & Flo”. Actress Cher may join the new project, a comedy about two women in their 60’s who attend their 47th high school reunion only to find out they both are still very much in love with the same guy! It’s a popular trend in road trip movies that take the women from Iowa through Las Vegas on their way to Los Angeles. It’s a more poignant “Thelma and Louise” meets “Leaving Normal”.

“I wrote this script about two women who are lifetime friends with completely different life experiences. When they decide to go on an adventure together, they find out they really don’t know each other at all! The relationships reminded me of my mother and her friends when I was growing up in LA,” commented Dickie. “Their friendship turns a bit snarky yet hilarious when they compete for the affection of their longtime high school heartthrob. What a great time in Hollywood to produce a romantic/adventure comedy that also opens up more exciting roles for women.” As for cast, Dickie stated, “We actually spoke to Kelsey Grammar and are very optimistic to have him come on board subject to his availability.”

There is no official confirmation from Cher yet, but it is known that the pre-production is scheduled to start Spring 2013 and the film will be released in 2014.


Posted by: Twins 22.02.2013


The iconic performer talks with THR about her Academy Awards outfits: "I thought we were in show business."

This story first appeared in the March 1 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

It turns out Cher -- pop star, provocateur, Oscar-winning actress -- definitely knew what she was doing when she strutted (no, owned) the red carpets the years she attended the Academy Awards in those theatrical, controversial Bob Mackie creations. What other Oscar outfits do we remember better, or at all? Her flamboyant feathers, beads and bare midriff are the stuff of legend. When fashion pundits and trade pubs like WWD bemoan the lack of creativity on Oscar night, it often is followed by a sigh of nostalgia for the heady, fearless days of Cher.

Her Oscar outfits ("I was dressing to go to work -- presenting is work," she explains) from the 1970s to her most recent gig in 2000 did not have to face today's critical cacophony of the Internet, but even if they did, "I would do exactly what I wanted to, no matter what." Sighs Cher: "I mean, I thought we were in show business. People can say I dressed like a fool, I don't have good taste. It's not about good or bad clothes; it's about freedom. People in our business do things that are out of the ordinary, so why seek approval? God knows every one of them has enough money to wear what they want!"

Reminding her that many actresses get paid a hundred grand or more to wear major-but-often-bland European couture makes her laugh. "Good on 'em," says the superstar, who will appear in April as a guest programmer on TCM for a new Friday night show, Women in Film.

Decades before designers, media and stylists held sway over what A-listers wore -- when it was cooler to make a statement than to avoid the worst-dressed list -- Cher reigned on a less conventional red carpet. "I remember men in velvet, even color. I would think young women now would want to get crazier. Of course, I came from the music world," recalls Cher, whose dating history, including David Geffen and younger man Rob Camilletti, raised as many eyebrows as how little she wore. "You know what I say? If you want to look the same as everyone else, you should be going to the Seatback Convention -- not the Oscars."

The diva gives details on her Oscar fashion history here.


Posted by: Chris-q 22.02.2013


WHAT’S BETTER than watching old movies on Turner Classic Movies? How about talking to a really famous star who loves old movies?

So the other day the phone rings.

“Liz” says the instantly recognizable voice on the other end, “It’s Cher.”

“Cher, hi, it’s so good …”

But the Oscar-winning star cut me off, “Honey, I’d love to chat, but I’m on the TCM set, with Robert Osborne, and we’ll be talking about some of my favorite movies. Now, you know the movie ‘Mildred Pierce,’ right?”

“Well, of course I do, in fact I just saw it the other night.”

“Okay, do you remember what Ann Blyth, Veda, says to Joan Crawford when Joan walks in on them making love?”

I thought a minute. “Cher, I think it goes like this: ‘It’s always been me, it’s never been you. Monty’s going to divorce you and marry me.’”

And then there’s a big juicy close-up of Ann and she says, “And there’s nothing you can do about it!”

Cher shrieked,  “That’s it! I knew it. I knew I was right, see that, Liz?”

I was confused, but then I realized she was talking to her longtime press rep, Liz Rosenberg, who was there with the star.

Then Cher said, “What does Joan do?”

“Well, then there’s a big juicy closeup of Joan Crawford, and she says, ‘Now, Veda …’”

Cher to Liz R. “I was right, again!”

Cher will be discussing her favorite movies with Robert Osborne all through April. Another of her top picks is “Stella Dallas,” which contains a bit of dialogue from Barbara Stanwyck that Cher adores: “Whattaya, mean? I got style. I got stacks of style!”

Cher then said, “Liz thank you so much for letting me bother you.” (Oh, yeah, that was a real bother.) “I’ll call again when I have more time and we’ll talk about my upcoming album. It’s really good. Thank you, love you, bye!”

I’d like to say, just another day in the Liz Smith office, but that was adorably special. I love Cher.

Cher will appear in April as a guest programmer on TCM for a new Friday night show, Women in Film.


Posted by: Twins 18.02.2013


Cher has not released an album of new material since 2001′s Living Proof.

But that is finally about to change with a new album due out soon.

The singing legend shared some of her thoughts about the new recording with her Twitter followers: OMG! All the songs in this CD have notes so high only dogs will hear them! Notes should go lower as singers get older .. Ahh…well… “You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me” Blew That ! Think those are my highest notes..hmm… ? All of The songs on this CD have chorus’s that are nose bled/break glass notes! I can’t tell you some specifics so please be cool,I Believe you’ll think it’s worth it ! Ya see … as I’ve been recording songwriters r coming up with amazing Songs! As an artist whose last release was 11 yrs ago!I  want 2 sing my heart out! Some think I haven’t sung because I no longer Can..Its is why I’ve taken so Long..I want it 2B perfect.

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