.:Good Times:.

Director: William Friedkin

Year: 1967
Country: USA

Production Companies: American Broadcasting Company (ABC), Motion Pictures International

Distributors: Columbia Pictures, American Broadcasting Company (ABC), Viacom

Cast: Sonny Bono, Cher, George Sanders, Norman Alden, Larry Duran, Kelly Thordsen, Lennie Weinrib, Peter Robbins, Edy Williams

Writers: Tony Barrett, Nicholas Hyams

Produced by: Steve Broidy, Lindsley Parsons,

Cinematography by: Robert Wyckoff

Original Music by: Sonny Bono

Genre: Comedy | Musical

Film Editing by: Melvin Shapiro

Runtime: 91 min

Release Date:

28 April 1967 Finland
May 1967 USA
31 July 1967 Sweden
2 August 1967 USA (New York City, New York)
25 June 1977 Spain (TV premiere)
November 2003 Italy (Turin Film Festival)

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Plot summary:


Rotten Tomatoes: Pop singers Sonny and Cher are featured in this fluffy film that chronicles the popular duo's ideas for the film in which they are to make their cinematic debut. Much of the story centers around Sonny's movie fantasies as he tries to convince the studio head to use a more interesting script than the one he wants to present. Songs include: "I Got You Babe," "It's The Little Things," "Good Times," "Trust Me," "Don't Talk To Strangers," "I'm Gonna Love You" and "Just A Name."


Wikipedia: Sonny and Cher appear as themselves in this spoof of various movie genres, including mysteries, westerns and spy thrillers. The plot revolves around a movie contract offered to Sonny by powerful executive Mr. Mordicus, played by George Sanders. Sanders also plays the antagonist in each of Sonny's ideas for the proposed movie, which are played out in a number of skits featuring music and dancing by the star duo.





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Good Times was the first feature film for director 'William Friedkin' and the first starring role for Sonny Bono and Cher.

- The movie is notable for its director, William Friedkin, who would go on to direct The French Connection, for which he won the Oscar for best director in 1971. He would also direct The Exorcist, for which he received a best director nomination

- Despite the fact that the movie was a major bomb, a soundtrack had a successes.