Released: October 1976

Recorded: 1976-July 9, 1976

Genre: Pop

Length: 33:09

Label: Warner Bros.

Producer: Steve Barri and Michael Omartian

I'd Rather Believe in You is the thirteenth studio album by American singer-actress Cher, released on October 1976 by Warner Bros. Records. This album, like other several predecessors, was a commercial failure and failed to chart. Because Stars was such an abysmal financial failure, Cher was put back with narrative pop songs on her next album. She gives it a good try. "I'd Rather Believe In You" is a particularly fine track and she rocks a little when she can with songs like "Long Distance Love Affair" | The album didn't chart, and the public didn't pay attention to it. The album's producer Michael Omartian said it was a lack of promotion.




Album History

Cher recorded this album while she was pregnant with Elijah Blue Allman, her second child. She wrote a dedication to him on the back-sleeve of the album: And a special thanks to Elijah for waiting until the day after I finished my album. Cher.

In 1976, Cher record other two song: the first is the duet with Harry Nilsson "A Love Like Yours (Don't Come Knockin' Everyday)," while the second is the song "Pirate" (from her album Cherished which was released a year later) was released as a bonus track on some edition of the "I'd Rather Believe In You" album, being track number one.

The album has never been released on CD, and the only CDs in circulation aren't official.


Track listing


Side A

01."Long Distance Love Affair" 2:45
02."I'd Rather Believe in You" 3:45
03."I Know (You Don't Love Me)" 2:54
04."Silver Wings & Golden Rings" 3:20
05. "Flashback" 3:53

Side B

01."It's a Cryin' Shame" 2:49
02."Early Morning Strangers" 3:43
03."Knock on Wood" 3:30
04."Spring" 4:23
05."Borrowed Time" 2:57


Singles I'd Rather Believe In You

"Long Distance Love Affair"
Released: 1976



Photoshoot from "I'd Rather Believe In You"