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Posted by: Chris-q 31.07.2013


“Extra’s” Jerry Penacoli sat down with superstar Cher before the performance of her new single “Woman's World” at Rasputin Nightclub in West Hollywood. "Extra" was with the singer every step of the way. With no topic off limits, Cher opened up about her age, dating, and son Chaz Bono.
Cher partied with her fans until 2:00 AM, proving that even at 67, she can keep up. She told Penacoli she forgets how old she is. “I forget and then I'll remember and I'll go, ‘Oh my god!’… What was I doing all this time?”
The singer admitted she isn’t dating anyone right now. “It comes and goes. It takes a very strange man to come and approach me. Michele Pfeiffer and I once wanted to go dancing. We went to this club, and we sat at this table for 15 minutes and no one came up.”

Cher did date Tom Cruise in 1985, recently revealing to Andy Cohen he was one of her all-time favorite lovers. Cher has not heard from Cruise since making the comments, but says, “I know him from a different time. The sweetest, most fun boy. Adorable. I don't know him now, but every time I've seen him, it's been like, you know, adorable… that was a wonderful memory.”
Cher said she is proud of son Chaz. “It's easier and easier when Chaz and I are together. It's a no-brainer, but sometimes you're just not prepared when someone talks about the old days. Then you just wonder how to process that.”

Video of the interview you can see in the video gallery.


Posted by: Twins 29.07.2013


She might have reached the age of 67, but it doesn't look as though Cher will be hanging up her dancing shoes anytime soon.
The Believe hitmaker proved she is still well and truly a party animal as she spent Saturday night boogying up a storm at Rasputin Nightclub in West Hollywood, California.
And it appeared to be a case of seeing double for the legendary songstress, who came face-to-face with famed Cher impersonator, Chad Michaels, on her evening out on the town.
Looking fabulous in a dazzling black and gold striped bolero jacket and a matching patterned vest, the star seemed to be in great spirits as she took to the stage to perform songs from her upcoming album, Woman's World.
Throwing herself into the merriment, the singer glistened with sweat as she happily greeted a sea of delighted fans.
And Cher seemed thrilled to have met drag performer Chad, who shot to fame as winner of RuPaul's All Stars Drag Race last year.
Writing on her Twitter page in a series of posts, she said: 'Just left Club ! It was GREAT ! Chad was Genius ! Almost cried, he said such nice things ! We were all sweating TOGETHER ! My Boys ,& Me
'Ps STILL LOVE SONG 4 THE LONELY Its as good as I Get,.....words mean everything to me ! We've ALL BEEN THERE !'

The star was also supported by former Baywatch babe Carmen Electra, who showed off her fabulous figure in a skintight red bodycon dress.
And she certainly seemed excited to be heading to the gig, writing on her Twitter page: 'Going to @RasputinLA tonight to see and support @cher.'
Cher is due to release upcoming album Woman's World in the US on August 24, and recently admitted the success of her smash hit Believe has made her doubt her latest work.
She tweeted: 'The studio was playing Believe and it made me nervous,” admitted Cher. “It really does have good songs on it and all of a sudden I got so nervous.
The album features collaborations with Pink and Scissor Sisters' Jake Shears, but a duet with Lady Gaga was canned from the record.
She said of working with Gaga: 'I think this is probably the best album I’ve ever done. I think it’s brilliant and I thought her performance was great but she doesn’t like it.'

Video from this event you can see in the video gallery.


Posted by: Chris-q 29.07.2013


Diva extraordinaire Cher reaches Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Songs chart with her new single ‘Woman’s World’.
The track ‘Woman’s World’ is taken from Cher’s anticipated album ‘Closer To The Truth’, to be released on 24 September.
Cher is the only artist to have had a number 1 Billboard singles in each of the last six decades and the saga continues!
Warner Brothers used Twitter to congratulate the artist: "Congrats to the legendary Cher, Woman's World is Number One on Billboard's Dance Chart!
Here is a list of Cher’s tracks that reached #1 at the billboard charts
1965 – I Got You Babe (Hot 100) [Sonny & Cher]
1971 – Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves (Hot 100)
1973 – Half-Breed (Hot 100)
1974 – Dark Lady (Hot 100)
1989 – After All (Adult Contemporary Chart)
1989 – If I Could Turn Back Time (Adult Contemporary Chart)
1998 – Believe (Hot 100 e Dance Club Songs)
1999 – Strong Enough (Dance Club Songs)
1999 – All or Nothing (Dance Club Songs)
1999 – Dov’è l’amore (Dance Club Songs)
2002 – Song for the Lonely (Dance Club Songs)
2002 – A Different Kind of Love Song (Dance Club Songs)
2003 – When The Money’s Gone (Dance Club Songs)
2010 – You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me (Dance Club Songs)
2013 – Woman’s World (Dance Club Songs)
“Woman’s World” is available now. Fans in the US and Canada can pre-order Cher’s new album on iTunes, Amazon or


Posted by: Twins 24.07.2013


Cher is gearing up to release her first new album in twelve years, and if new single "Woman's World" is any indication of what's to come, the icon continues to get better with time.
"Woman's World" is currently at #2 on Billboard's Hot Dance Club Songs chart, and forthcoming album - her 26th! - Closer To The Truth is due out September 24th. Credits on the album include P!nk, who wrote two songs, a collaboration with Jake Shears of the Scossor Sisters, and producers such as Timbaland.
iHeartRadio's Jonathan Clarke sat down with Cher to talk about the new music, her thoughts on legalizing gay marriage, why she was scared to perform on "The Voice" and more. Check out the interview below.
How did it feel getting back in the studio?
It's scary, but I'm always like a chicken when I go to be in the studio because... I don’t know why. I don’t think it's my best place but sometimes it is. Like in the Believe album, I felt great and was confident and I had such a good time. And on this one too, I had a great time. I worked with some people I’d never worked with before... I just got great songs.
Talk about the first single, "Woman's World" - a lyrically empowering track.
Anthemic. I don't think we thought it was going to be this... it really did sing itself. It didn't even take an hour. It was about a four, five take thing... "Turn Back Time" was like that.
I walked in the studio and I actually didn’t want to do it. Diane Warren just said "I’ll pay for it." And she’s so cheap, I thought, boy, if she believes in it that much, I'm doing it."
So, I just walked in and I did it in two seconds and she said, "see I told you so."
What are your thoughts on the recent Supreme Court decision [to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act]?
I actually am surprised that they ever had to turn over something that was this stupid. I'm always shocked by people who want to keep people from being who they are, and want to decide what's right, and want to decide who can do what and who can't do what. So of course I was overjoyed, but I just don’t understand why they had to turn over something so crazy: an individual human right that should be a right of people. We're supposed to have equality and yet it’s only for some people.
Our forefathers came here so they could be free to do what they felt, feel what they wanted and have the religion that they wanted and yet, some of those people, it's like "we got ours, you can't have yours."
You performed on "The Voice" this season. What’s it like to get back on stage? Do you just love that?
No. "The Voice" was so scary, I cannot tell you. Because I haven’t made a record in eleven years, and so to go straight out on "The Voice" was really scary, because in three minutes, you’re going to be the greatest invention of yourself, re-invention of yourself or you should get to the home immediately. Three minutes would be the end of my career, or the beginning of another career.

Read whole interview by Jonathan Clarke here...

Buy "Woman's World" on iTunes and pre-order new album Closer To The Truth



Posted by: Chris-q 09.07.2013


It’s no secret that many musicians struggle financially before being discovered and cashing in on their talents. The same story applies to Cher, whom is now in her fifth decade in the business. Nothing tells her story better than the time she first heard herself on the radio.
“I was with Sonny… We were at my mom’s house. Our managers were living with my mom, Sonny and I because none of us had money,’ says Cher. “All of us had no money.”
Having everyone under one roof probably helped put one of Sonny & Cher’s earliest songs on the radio. The team effort was evident as Cher, Sonny and her managers tirelessly contacted a local radio station in hopes to have “Baby Don’t Go” played on the air.

“And we were listening to ourself… and you had to call in, so, you know, you could vote on the best record,” recalls Cher. “My mom had two lines and we were all calling in continuously.”
Cher has made the journey from sleeping at her mother’s and relentlessly calling radio stations to becoming one of the most recognizable figures in the world. Dedication—with a bit of the proverbial blood, sweat and tears—to music and film has placed the icon in the position she’s in today. But she also attributes her success to something she had no control over.
“Talent has a lot to do with it, but it’s luck.”
Cher’s latest single, “Woman’s World,” was released on June 18. The dance track, in the vein of her 1998 hit “Believe,” will be the lead single from her upcoming studio album, Closer to the Truth, due for release on September 24, 2013.
Watch Cher’s entire interview with Dan Taylor here.


Posted by: Twins 05.07.2013



Cher singing Woman's World for Macys Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular

NBC celebrated the 237th birthday of the United States with its annual 'Macy's Fireworks Spectacular' on Thursday, July 4th in New York. Hosted by Nick Cannon, the special show featured live performances by some A-list stars such as; Cher, Mariah Carey, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Pitbull or Tim McGraw, before the actual 'nation's largest patriotic pyrotechnic display' - with over 40,000 fireworks - igniting the sky over the Hudson River took place.
Mariah Carey opened the 2013 'Macy's 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular' with an emotional performance of "America The Beautiful", before promoting her own music in the form of live executions of her hits, the oldie "Hero", and the Miguel-featured latest single "#Beautiful". Taylor Swift performed "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together", and "Everything Has Changed", alongside Ed Sheeran. Pitbull got the party started with "Give Me Everything", Tim McGraw added the 'country' flavor with a performance of "Something Like That", Dance Queen Cher sang her comeback single "Woman's World", and finally Selena Gomez delivered the first live and televised performance ever of her next single "Slow Down".


Cher - "Happy Birthday America" NBC's 4th of July Special (04.07.2013)


Posted by: Chris-q 02.07.2013


Cher is back with a brand new song, "Woman's World," and the legendary diva joined Z100 Radio in the studio to chat with JJ.
See what she told JJ about how her music has embraced change through the years, being her own worst critic, tweeting, being the first person ever to use auto-tune on her song "Believe," & much more.
And she also played the game "Does Cher Care?" - watch video here!


Posted by: Twins 02.07.2013


The “Goddess of Pop” revealed some exciting news Monday morning: She will be bringing her chart-topping sound to Rockefeller Plaza for a special performance on Monday, Sept. 23.
The performance, part of TODAY’s Toyota Concert Series, is scheduled for the day before the release of Cher's upcoming album, “Closer to the Truth."
In a TODAY exclusive, the legendary pop star chatted with Savannah Guthrie about her life and career, revealing why she decided to embark on another chapter in her musical career with a fresh album and her “Never Can Say Goodbye” tour.
After Cher announced the concert, Savannah asked her if she was a morning person.
"No. We both know I'm not," Cher replied. "I went into the business so I could work at night."


"The show starts at 7 a.m.," Savannah reminded her.
"I know, I'm gonna have to stay up all night long."
Savannah asked if there was anything TODAY could provide to make the early morning experience easier for her: coffee, doughnuts, croissants?
"A stretcher?" Cher responded laughing.

The videos from the Today Show  you can see in the video gallery.


Posted by: Chris-q 01.07.2013


The Oscar-winning diva Cher performed at Dance on the Pier, a major New York City Gay Pride event, on June 30, 2013. Cher was performing her new single, “Woman’s World,” as well as her other hits such as "Believe" and "Strong Enough".

NewNowNext's writer Dan Avery said about the show: "The Dance on the Pier will never be the same again". He also added: "Deborah Cox (Jeckyll & Hyde) got the crowd riled up at the 27th annual Dance on the Pier, the closing event for New York City Pride. But after the sun went down things got cray cray as Whoopi Goldberg introduced the one and only Cher to a shrieking mass of partygoers at the venerable Dance on the Pier, which has previously hosted surprise performances by Janet Jackson and Jennifer Lopez. But Cher’s appearance was much touted in the past weeks—and preceded by an appearance at Marquee early in the week—basically resulting in a screaming puddle of gay men out on Pier 26. We don’t envy the hangovers this morning".


Cher - NYC Pride 2013 - Dance On The Pier (30.06.2013)

All videos from the taping of the show you can see in the video gallery.


Posted by: Twins 01.07.2013


Cher, Taylor Swift, Pitbull and Selena Gomez have been added to the lineup for the "Macy's 4th of July Fireworks(R) Spectacular," which will air on Thursday, July 4 from 8-10 p.m. ET, with an encore one-hour fireworks special airing at 10 p.m.
The chart-topping artists join the event's previously announced performers, including multi-platinum singer-songwriter Mariah Carey and country music superstar Tim McGraw. The two-hour special is hosted by Nick Cannon of NBC's "America's Got Talent."
A winner of an Oscar ("Moonstruck"), Emmy ("Cher: The Farewell Tour"), Grammy ("Believe") and three Golden Globes ("The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour," "Silkwood," "Moonstruck"), Cher has been an entertainment icon for nearly 50 years. Cher is the only artist to have a No. 1 single on the Billboard pop charts in each of the last six decades.

Cher's record-breaking 1998 single "Believe" reached No. 1 worldwide, selling more than 20 million copies. Her 325-show "Living Proof" tour (2003-05) played to more than 3 million fans and is the most successful tour by any female artist. Her upcoming album "Woman's World," marks the first album in 12 years for Cher, and is due Sept 24.

The telecast is a production of Universal Television in association with Macy's. It is produced by Brad Lachman Productions with Lachman serving as executive producer. Bill Bracken is producer.
Lachman's credits include a variety of NBC specials, including the "Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade," "Christmas in Rockefeller Center," in addition to "Betty White's 90th Birthday," and a variety of other projects.

All videos from the taping of the show you can see in the video gallery.

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