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Posted by: Chris-q 27.06.2012


Yesterday Cher announced on twitter about her surprise for fans. She wrote: “I have a surprise coming! Not Huge but will be fun 4 u“. “SMALL SURPRISE diff.than U hear me do, tried 2put it on youtube once, but it didn’t work? I think it didn't work? did u hear song?" twitted the singer.

And today Cher posted her new song “Silver Wings” that she has recorded with her god daughter Jesse Jo Stark. “We had to do Silver Wings Many times ! Its sweet ! It Wont be Sold! Thought it would bring a smile & a tear!” added Cher.

Jesse Jo Stark is only 21 and has already got her own line with the clothing brand 'vans'. She is the daughter of Richard Stark and Laurie Lynn Stark the owners of the fashion company 'Chrome Hearts' at which she is a designer. Jesse is on the way to recording her own album. You can listen to her songs and read more information about Jesse on her official site

Cher feat Jesse Jo "Silver Wings" - download



Posted by: Twins 25.06.2012


Producers are at work developing a Broadway musical based on the life of Academy and Grammy Award-winning performer Cher, the pop star recently tweeted.

The star states that the musical will incorporate songs from her career, with three different actresses set to play her at various stages of her life. One actress will play a young Cher through her "Sonny and Cher" years, while another will play the icon through the "Believe" tour, with a third to inhabit the star at the current point in her life.
The show will incorporate a theatrical conceit that allows all three actresses to talk to one another and perform together.
Cher also revealed that she is part of the writing process on the musical, which has been in development for "quite a while." Broadway is the goal.
No producers have been named as attached to the project. While Cher didn't explicitly state that she intended to be a part of it, she did tease via twitter, "I could b old Cher!"
Cher appeared on Broadway in the short-lived production of Ed Graczyk's Come Back to the 5 & Dime Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean, a role she later repeated on film. She earned the Academy Award for her performance in "Moonstruck." Most recently, she co-starred with Christina Aguilera in the film musical "Burlesque." She has earned Grammy Awards for her lengthy recording career, and her additional screen credits include "Mask," "Silkwood" (Golden Globe Award), "Moonstruck" (Academy Award/Golden Globe), "The Witches of Eastwick," "Mermaids" and "Tea with Mussolini."


Posted by: Chris-q 23.06.2012


Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Cher changed our world today. The United States Supreme Court ruled in Cher's favor against the FCC, which had issued a fine because Cher used a word that the FCC doesn't like on television. Now thanks to her, we can say whatever we want. And thanks to an episode of NYPD Blue, the Supreme Court also ruled nudity is now okay on TV, too. MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell explains the big victory for the First Amendment in the Rewrite.


Posted by: Twins 22.06.2012


When the "Tea Bagger" extremists attacked superstar Cher, they forgot something - she's effing Cher! Superstar Cher has never been bashful about speaking her mind - including how she feels about Romney and today's GOP.
Recently, Cher tweeted “If ROMNEY gets elected I don’t know if I can breathe same air as Him & his Right Wing Racist Homophobic Women Hating Tea Bagger Masters.” Shortly afterwards, Glenn Beck’s bizarre website The Blaze republished all of Cher’s tweets (they follow Cher?) and then Bagger Nation went on the attack. Donald Trump even joined the pile on via Fox News.
But she's effin' CHER! So she reached out to Randi to set the record straight...


Posted by: Chris-q 21.06.2012


She was 19 when her first smash single, I Got You Babe, claimed the top spot on the Billboard 100.
But Cher proved she is still turning back time today as she made a surprise appearance in Los Angeles.
The singer effortlessly defied her 66 years as she arrived to support friend Morgan Freeman at the premiere of his new movie, "The Magic of Belle Isle".

Showing her toned legs and pert derriere in skin-tight leggings and platform heels, the diva cut an impressive figure for a woman half her age.

Paired with a leather jacket and printed teal scarf, she added a bit of edge and softness all at once.
The singer also let down her trademark raven locks, which tumbled down her shoulders, giving a glimpse of hoop earrings as she swept past photographers.

It seemed she was happy to make the rare public appearance, smiling and waving from behind blue tinted sunglasses as she was ushered through the crowd.
The singer took to Twitter earlier in the day to share her excitement with fans about attending the event.
'Gotta go get ready go 2screening new Morgan Freeman Film!Love him!' she wrote.
'Also DEAR FRIEND Virgina Madsen Stars. Her brother was married 2 my sis G!' she continued, referring to her half-sister, Georganne LaPiere, and her ex-husband, Michael Madsen.


Posted by: Twins 11.06.2012


Cher brought a very special date with her to meet the President.
The singer and Burlesque actress, 66, had her mom Georgia Holt in tow on Wednesday when she had a run-in with Barack Obama.
"Told him mom's 86'n he said 'Georgia, tell me what u eat' & Smiled!" Cher gushed on Twitter of their encounter. "MOM was all, 'OMG!' "
Holt, a slender beauty, sporting a perfectly coiffed blonde hairstyle, is all smiles in the photo, which appears to be taken in a hotel room.
"B4 these pics, Clothes, Makeup, Flying Everywhere!" Cher wrote to accompany photos with her son, a pal and her mom. "WE Laughed SO Hard were Falling down! Chaz combing beard in Middle of 5CRAZY Women …"
Added the star, ""B4 these pics. Chaos! Such fun."


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