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Posted by: Twins 30.05.2013


We've uploaded photos of Cher departing on a flight at LAX airport in Los Angeles, California on May 29, 2013. Legendary pop singer is going to Russia to perform at the opening of the stadium „Anji Arena“ on June 1, 2013 in Dagestan. She is set to headline the show, which will be hosted by Yana Churikova and Andrey Malakhov. All fees from the concert will be transferred to a charitable foundation.


Posted by: Twins, Chris-q 20.05.2013


It’s our beloved Cher’s birthday today, so CherLove Team would like to wish Cher a very happy 67th birthday!!! We hope she spends her day with her family and friends and gets spoiled by them. Cher, thank you for sharing your talents and positive attitude with us – you are such an inspiration to all your fans and we can’t wait to see what you will do next!
We’ve also prepared a present for all lovelies. It is a new video gallery! We have uploaded more than 600 videos and it’s not a limit. You can also register there, comment all videos or suggest other videos, Hope you’ll like it!


Posted by: Chris-q 06.05.2013


In honor of Cher’s 67th birthday on May 20th, the Lovelies are encouraging everyone to donate to one of the Cher’s favorite charities, Children’s Craniofacial Association (CCA). From May 1st - May 19th, click on this link and it will take you directly to the donations page. Anyone can donate! Minimum of $10 donation, and they accept major credit cards and PayPal. If you wish to give your name in the donation screen, CCA kids will send Cher a personalized note card advising her of your kind donation. Don't forget to put "Cher's lovelies" in the dedication/gift section. So it would be possible to get credit for this fundraiser.

For more information about the surprise Birthday present for Cher, visit The creators of the Facebook page will be keeping tally of the donations from this event and on Cher's birthday, May 20th, they will notify Cher about this page so she can view the money raised! Also, you can post any message to Cher on this page if you would like - well wishes, birthday wishes, anything you want! Let's make this the BEST birthday present for Cher, while being able to give back and helping the wonderful people and kids at CCA.


Posted by: Twins 02.05.2013


Cher chats with Access’ Shaun Robinson about NBA player Jason Collins revealing he is gay. Why is she “amazed” that this topic is still a conversation? Plus, why does she think it has taken so long for a gay athlete to come forward?



Posted by: Chris-q 01.05.2013


Cher joined her mother, country singer Georgia Holt, for an appearance on Ellen today to promote the release of Holt’s new album, Honky Tonk Woman.
Though it was recorded in the early 1980s, the album was never previously released. Instead, the master tapes were lost in Holt’s garage for more than 30 years until they were recently rediscovered and remastered.
The album is a first for the 86-year-old singer and includes the song “I’m Just Your Yesterday,” a duet with Cher.
Watch the videos below to see the mother-daughter duo sing a piece of their long-lost duet as well as a bonus clip of Ellen talking to the two women about family, rumors, and Cher’s life before stardom.


The tabloids are saying that Chaz Bono’s mom put her Malibu place on the market for $45 million and that she’s packing up and moving to London.
But Cher wants to turn back time and fix those rumors!
The 66-year-old tells Ellen DeGeneres that she’s not moving to the UK and she’s not even selling her Malibu home.
Cher, however, does have her home in Venice Beach and her condo in Hollywood for sale.
And while she was at it, the diva wanted to fix a persistent Internet rumor. No, she is not dead.


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