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     Merry Xmas to everyone! / Posted by: Twins, Chris-q - 25.12.2008


Hope you all have a wonderful Happy Merry Christmas & Happy New Year toward 2009 with your family and friends!!!



     Cher is on the new cover of People / Posted by: Chris-q - 18.12.2008


Cher is featured on the cover of American magazine People Specials – Celebrate The ‘80s! People looks back in wonder at the movies, music, news and haircuts that defined a decade.




     Cher helped Asian orphans during sick leave / Posted by: Twins - 11.12.2008


Pop superstar Cher reportedly used her time off following the cancellation of her Las Vegas show to launch a charity mission for orphans in South Asia.
The 62-year-old singer axed a string of performances at the Colosseum at Caesar's Palace in October (08) after falling ill from an allergy related to Sin City's winds.
And when doctors ordered the star to cancel a series of concerts, Cher reportedly refused to rest up and instead jetted off to Nepal to help children in need.
A source tells the National Enquirer, "Cher absolutely hates downtime. She was on heavy antibiotics and her throat was killing her, but she was determined to use her time off to help others.
"Cher genuinely wants to help the less fortunate. She decided that her suffering was nothing compared to the orphans in Nepal who were waiting to see her."



     Cher to record covers album  / Posted by: Chris-q - 03.12.2008


Pop superstar Cher is going back in time for her first studio LP in eight years. She will release an album of Sixties covers in 2009.
The Believe singer, 62, will take inspiration for her next disc from her favorite era of music.
She tells the New York Post's PageSix column, "I'm planning an album of all these great songs from the '60s that I've never covered before. It was such a magical time for music, groups like The Beatles, the Hollies, the Zombies, the Kinks, the (Rolling) Stones and singers like (Bob) Dylan and Otis Redding...
"I want to pay tribute to a time when I used to listen to music on my little transistor radio or on my AM radio in my Ford Mustang."



     Photos and video from "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" / Posted by: Twins - 05.11.2008


We've added 34 images of Cher at "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on November 3, 2008. You can download a video clip from "The Today Show" in multimedia.


     Cher on her own health & what saved Farrah Fawcett / Posted by: Chris-q - 31.10.2008


Earlier this month, Cher canceled a number of shows at Caesar’s Palace due to what her rep said was “Vegas throat.” Though the rumor mill went into overdrive with reports suggesting the legend was actually suffering with everything from severe abdominal problems to cancer, a healthy looking and spirited Cher said she is just fine during her recent visit to Access Hollywood. “Can I tell you something? If I had cancer, everyone would know it,” Cher told Access’ Billy Bush. “I wouldn’t tell them, but somebody would. When you have those kind of things happen, if you’re famous, you can’t keep them a secret.” Cher explained she was forced to cancel a portion of her run at Caesar’s Palace, which she says she will resume February 21, because she indeed experienced the condition of Vegas throat, which affects many of the singers who hit the stage in the desert town. “My health is great. But you know there’s a wind thing that blows there sometimes in different months, and I have an allergy to it,” Cher said. “So yeah it’s really hard if you get a sickness and you’re famous. It’s impossible. You have to suffer with the sickness and everyone gets to know it.” And Cher’s good friend Farrah Fawcett knows exactly how that feels. “Farrah Fawcett is the strongest woman I have ever known,” Cher told Billy. “I would have never been able to do what she’s done. I’m not kidding. This chick has got iron ones.” The former “Charlie’s Angels” star took the singing superstar’s advice and has been traveling to and from Germany for cancer treatment for over a year. “Are we to understand that she is winning?” Billy asked Cher of Farrah. “Yes, winning. And it was a terrible, terrible cancer,” Cher said. “When [the doctor] first saw her, he said, ‘You know Cher, I’m not so sure what I can do. I don’t know if I have the expertise, I don’t know how we can do it.’” But Cher, who went to Germany when she was diagnosed with Epstein-Barr in the ‘80s, has an unwavering faith in German medicine, which she said has helped save her friend. “I think that she wouldn’t be alive if she had gone to the medicine that we have for our cancer treatment,” Cher said. So does that mean Cher has lost her faith in U.S. medicine? “Not completely,” Cher told Billy. “There are great doctors [but] there’s a lot of really bad doctors. There are a lot of really bad doctors.” Tune in to Access Hollywood Thursday and Friday nights for more of Billy’s exclusive sit down interview with the legend herself – Cher!



     Cher returns to Caesars Palace with perfomances in 2009 / Posted by: Twins - 31.10.2008


Almost 200,000 fans have witnessed the extraordinary spectacle called Cher at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace during the first 44 sold-out performances. Now, Cher announces her return to Las Vegas with the first series of 2009 shows on sale Monday, Nov. 3. The available tickets include 35 performances from Feb. 21 through March 21 and April 25 through May 24. Celebrating her return to The Colosseum in Las Vegas, the pop diva will appear on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Nov. 3, the day her tickets go on sale (check local listings for details). Cher's residency, produced by AEG Live, includes approximately 200 shows over a span of three years.

Cher is a 90-minute concert-style spectacle, which begins at 7:30 p.m. four nights a week on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday (dark Monday, Thursday and Friday). Tickets can be purchased by calling 1-866-510-CHER (2437) or online at, keyword "Cher". Tickets may also be purchased in person at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace Box Office open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.  For groups of 20 or more, call 702-731-7208.
Ticket prices are $95, $140, $175 and $250 plus taxes and fees. Visit for more information on Cher at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace.



     Cher has no retirement plans  / Posted by: Chris-q - 31.10.2008


Legendary singer Cher sees no end to her decades-long career - because she wouldn't know what to do with herself if she wasn't performing. The star is set to return to the Las Vegas stage in February (09) with her headlining act at the Colosseum at Caesar's Palace. And, at 62, the Believe hitmaker is convinced she's still got years of performing ahead of her.
When asked of her plans to quit the show she says: "And do what? Nothing? What would I do? I'm not comparing myself to this but (it's like) if someone said, 'Oh Picasso, you've painted so many pictures, get some frames and go home.' "I'll do my work as long as I can do it, as long as people show up."


     Cher blasts cancer reports / Posted by: Twins - 30.10.2008


Cher has brushed off rumours a cancer diagnosis forced her to pull out of her Las Vegas shows earlier this month (08) - insisting she is fit and well. The Believe singer, 62, cancelled two performances at the Colosseum at Caesar's Palace - her final dates of the year - at the start of October (08).
Her publicist, Liz Rosenberg, quickly shot down reports that a serious ailment had stricken the star - only to prompt rumours she was privately dealing with cancer.
But Cher has laughed off the claims as another bizarre report by gossip-mongers - insisting she was unable to sing due to a sore throat.
She says, "My health is great but there's a wind thing that blows there (in Las Vegas) at different months and I have an allergy to it. If I had cancer everyone would know it. I wouldn't tell them, but somebody would. When you have those kind of things happen if you're famous you can't keep them a secret. "(The reports) don't make me angry. People have been saying the weirdest things since I was a teenager."


     Photos and video from "The Today Show"  / Posted by: Chris-q - 30.10.2008


We've added 22 images of Cher at "The Today Show" on October 30, 2008. You can download a video clip from "The Today Show" in multimedia.



     Ellen DeGeneres does a new Cher impression / Posted by: Twins - 24.10.2008


Ellen announced on Friday that Cher will be a guest on the show November 3rd! To help celebrate the occasion, Ellen did her spot-on Cher impersonation -- to the tune of “If I Could Turn Back Time!” This video you can see at



     Cher radios it in for Barack Obama / Posted by: Chris-q - 24.10.2008


Forget music. When ya hear Cher on the radio these days, it's all about politics.

The legendary songstress has been hitting the radio campaign trail for Barack Obama

"I called radio stations in swing states like Indiana, Iowa and Florida to tell people to go out and vote," Cher said at last night's grand opening of Luau restaurant in Beverly Hills. "I wanted to call the states he needs the votes in most. It was interesting because the stations wanted to talk about music, and I wanted to talk about politics!"

Cher modestly opined that she wasn't sure if she had any power to sway the electorate, but no matter...

"I have no idea if I was able to influence listeners, but I got the message that I was supposed to get across—to vote," she says. "I really think that Obama has a chance to be the president of his time. This is a very dangerous, very sad time for America, and I really think—I wouldn’t say this if I didn’t think it—I really think that he’s the right person for the right time."

And what if Obama loses to Sen. John McCain?  "If you can't say something good about someone, you really shouldn't say anything at all," says Cher. "So what I can say is, if McCain is elected, the idea is so frightening to me, I really can't even bear to think about it."



     Cher at the Luau Grand Opening / Posted by: Twins - 23.10.2008


Cher attends grand opening of Luau restaurant in Beverly Hills on October 22, 2008. She arrives at the party with her friend Loree Rodkin.


    Cher cansels weekend shows, finished at Caesars for 2008 / Posted by: Chris-q - 06.10.2008


Early this afternoon, Cher, her doctors and executives at Caesars Palace made a tough official decision to cancel yet another weekend of shows. It was the third cancellation during the past two weeks and the second consecutive weekend that shows were canceled just hours before the curtain was due to rise. Cher will not appear tonight (Saturday) or tomorrow (Sunday); both shows have been canceled completely.

The producers of Cher's show, AEG (Anschultz Entertainment Group), also revealed that the mystery upper repertory ailment that has felled the singer three times over the past two weeks is "asthma-related bronchitis."

Cher, now 62, says that she's really sorry the illness has forced her to quit the Caesars show schedules this year but looks forward to her return early next year. Its believed that the medical problem resurfaced again this weekend because "she had tried to please fans by returning too early into her recovery last week and it only aggravated the condition in a worse way."

The superstar singer had been commuting between her Malibu home which is being sold and a home in Henderson she had rented here for her show dates at Caesars. She had also been contending with our desert dryness20 which caused her further throat problems while fighting the asthmatic related bronchitis.



    New photos of Cher / Posted by: Twins - 25.09.2008


We have added new photo of Cher with Yale architecture students at the Colosseum at Caesar's Palace and  1 picture from new photoshoot for Convection 2008.



     The Billboard Hot 100 All-Time Top Artists / Posted by: Chris-q - 23.09.2008


In honour of the 50th anniversary of the Billboard Hot 100 chart, Billboard has compiled a list of the most successful Billboard Hot 100 chart artists from the past 50 years. Cher ranks at #39.

The Billboard Hot 100 All-Time Top Artists:
01. The Beatles
02. Madonna
03. Elton John
04. Elvis Presley
05. Stevie Wonder
06. Mariah Carey
07. Janet Jackson
08. Michael Jackson
09. Whitney Houston
10. The Rolling Stones

39. Cher
The definitive list of the Hot 100's top 100 artists, based on all charting titles from August 1958 through July 2008.



     Cher with Kathy, Rosie and Perez  / Posted by: Twins - 01.09.2008


We have added 3 photos of Cher with Kathy Griffin, Rosie O'Donnell and Perez Hilton at her Las Vegas concert.

Kathy Griffin about Cher: “She was delightful and what a great ass she has! It was a real girls’ weekend in Vegas."

Perez Hilton about Cher: "This woman is a legend!!!!! She's in her 60s and she's still singing and dancing. She's been doing this for 44 years now! And, the new show at the Colosseum brilliantly encapsulates that storied career - taking you on a journey through her decades of hits and memorable moments along the way."



    Entarteinment Weekly: Popwatch / Posted by: Chris-q - 31.08.2008


According to the new rumor about Cher was #1 on Top of comments in Popwatch Blog last week.

10. Simon Vozick-Levinson listened to The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill again.

9. Amy Sherman-Palladino reminded us to be socially conscious and invited us along with hubby Daniel Palladino to the Democratic National Convention.

8. We all did our best impressions of Jessie Spano while Zack Morris Mark-Paul Gosselaar fed us cupcakes.

7. You suffered through Olympic withdrawal with us.

6. Mandi Bierly begged Michael Phelps to do his Saturday Night Live monologue in a Speedo. (And not the full-body one, thanks.)

5. Annie Barrett carried the torch in our own little closing ceremony -- of Olympic studs!

4. Everyone made t-shirts and signs and shared their best concert interactions. (Leaving out that time Zac Hanson TOTALLY DID make eye contact with me at a concert in Times Square.)

3. Amy Wilkinson and the rest of the Twilighters were thirsty for blood -- and the first chapter of Stephenie Meyer's new book, Midnight Sun.

2. You gave us your picks for funniest movies of all time. (A lot of you love Raising Arizona, left.) We laughed so hard, we peed.

1. Gary Susman strapped on his superhero cape, wondered what you thought of the prospect of Cher as Catwoman, and asked if you were ready for a moodier Superman.



     Cher won't be playing Catwoman / Posted by: Twins - 30.08.2008


Cher won't be playing Catwoman in the next Batman movie, despite reports to the contrary. It was claimed the 62-year-old Believe singer was in discussions to star in Christopher Nolan's third film about the caped-crusader, and that she would join a cast including Johnny Depp as the Riddler. Britain's Sunday Mirror newspaper quoted a source as saying, "Cher is Nolan's first choice to play Catwoman. He wants to portray her like a vamp in her twilight years." Julie Newmar was the first actress to take on the role in the 1960s Batman television series. The supervillainess has also been played by Eartha Kitt, Lee Meriwether, Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry. The source added that Cher's Catwoman would be "the absolute opposite" of Pfeiffer and Berry's "creations." However, a representative for Warner Bros. insists that "those casting rumors are untrue." Angelina Jolie was also recently rumored to be in the running for the part.



     Cher 'to play Catwoman' in next Batman film / Posted by: Chris-q - 24.08.2008


The 62-year-old singer and actress is reported to be in talks to play Catwoman opposite Christian Bale in the third Batman film from British director Christopher Nolan.

The Oscar-winner will join a cast that includes Johnny Depp as The Riddler as she plays the whip-carrying burglar. The character has also been played by Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry.

A studio executive said: "Cher is Nolan's first choice to play Catwoman. He wants to her to portray her like a vamp in her twilight years.

"The new Catwoman will be the absolute opposite of Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry's purring creations."

Filming of the new Batman instalment, provisionally entitled The Caped Crusader, is due to begin in Vancouver early next year.

The Dark Knight, this summer's blockbuster, has become the most successful of the Batman movies. Warner Bros expects the film to make about $530m.

It stars the late Heath Ledger, who was found dead in his Manhattan apartment after taking an accidental drugs overdose. His performance as The Joker is widely expected to garner an Oscar nomination.

Cher's recent acting performances have included Tea with Mussolini in 1999 and Stuck on You, in 2003 in which she played herself.



     Cher on three covers/ Posted by: Twins - 23.08.2008


Cher is featured in the latest issues of three magazines: "Travel Girl" (September 2008), "Neon" (September 2008) and "Events & Shows" (September/October 2008).

Las Vegas and Cher have both changed over the years, but neither so much that the two old friends aren’t on the same page. Subtlety was never their strong suit, understatement not an option. “Las Vegas is way over the top, and the show that I do is way over the top. I feel that it just has to be,” the ageless (but really 62-year-old) star noted in February, when she first spoke of her three-year deal to play about 200 shows at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace.



     New dress Bob Mackie's for Cher/ Posted by: Chris-q - 04.08.2008


For 40 years Bob Mackie's been dressing Cher in some of the flashiest - and skimpiest - outfits ever seen on stage. On Wednesday, Cher resumes her self-titled show at Caesars Palace in Sin City, where she's taken that Las Vegas "Strip" notion to heart.

"Cher told me that she wanted to be more naked,'" says Mackie, who happily obliged by redoing what she wears for the finale number, "Believe." "It's not vulgar, but it's quite shocking. It's like we dipped her in glue and rolled her in diamonds. Not enough of them to cover up the girl."

This sketch you can see in the gallery





      Cher sparks new cosmetic surgery rumors / Posted by: Twins - 02.08.2008


Pop superstar Cher has fuelled reports she's undergone more plastic surgery after she was snapped leaving a medical centre in California on Thursday (31Jul08).
The Believe singer, 62, attempted to avoid the paparazzi as she exited the Medical Buildings on Bedford Boulevard in Beverly Hills, using her long black hair, oversized sunglasses and left hand to cover her face.
Cher has openly admitted in the past to spending a "small fortune" on various surgical procedures, including a breast enlargement, face lift and nose job, and has labelled herself the "plastic surgery poster girl".



      Cher asks $45 million for Malibu estate / Posted by: Chris-q - 01.08.2008


Less than two years after auctioning off the contents of her Malibu, Calif., mansion, singer Cher has put the Italian Renaissance-style villa on the market for $45 million.

Set on 1.7 acres on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the 14,000-square-foot home was featured in Architectural Digest in 2002. It showcased her collection of English Gothic Revival antiques, which she sold at auction in 2006 along with a host of other personal items. She explained at the time that she wanted to redecorate and that the proceeds would go to charity. The décor is now a lighter, more beach-resort style, says the listing agent, Robert Kass, of Hilton & Hyland, an affiliate of Christie's Great Estates.

The three-story house has six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a theater, a gym and multiple verandas. There's a tennis court, a pool and a guest house. Cher built the house after purchasing the property in 1992.

Cher has bought and sold several homes in recent years. In 2006, she purchased a condo in Los Angeles and that same year sold a bayfront house in Key Biscayne, Fla., for $8.8 million. Since May, the 62-year-old diva has been performing at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.



      Cher does "Southern Gaming and Destinations" / Posted by: Twins - 30.07.2008


Cher is on the cover of the July issue of American magazine "Southern Gaming and Destinations". Full article "One Name Wonders of... Caesars Palace Las Vegas" from magazine you can read on this link.

The spectacular Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas has been drawing big names in entertainment since its opening in 2003. These icons are so renowned that they can leave their last names at the door. Joining the likes of Celine, Elton and Jerry Seinfeld, Caesars now welcomes two new one-name-wonders to the stage in 2008: Cher and Bette.



      Photos from Vogue (December 1972) / Posted by: Chris-q - 27.07.2008


We have added 7 exclusive photos of Cher from Vogue Magazine (December 1972), photographed by Richard Avedon.




      Cher on race track in Venture / Posted by: Twins - 12.07.2008


We have added 3 photos of Cher on race track in Venture, California on June 28, 2008. This photos you can see in the gallery.



      Cher Rep laughs off rumors of secret Vegas wedding / Posted by: Chris-q - 09.07.2008


Cher and a boyfriend type and a few other posse members were put in the VIP front-window booth when she got there before midnight. And staffers Cher's spokeswoman has blasted reports the pop star is planning to marry a toyboy biker in a secret Las Vegas ceremony - calling the wedding rumours "crazy".
The National Enquirer claimed on Wednesday (09Jul08) that the 62-year-old singer will wed 38-year old Tim Medvetz.
The report alleged Medvetz - who makes his living customising expensive motorcycles - has sign a prenuptial agreement to protect Cher's reported $600 million (£300 million) fortune.
But Cher's representative Liz Rosenberg has dismissed the reports, insisting: "She's not even in Vegas right now. She won't be back in Vegas until August," adding that the star is on hiatus from the show she's headlining in the city.
Laughing off the rumours, Rosenberg added: "Cher promised me if she ever got married again, I could be the flower girl." Cher has been married twice - first in 1964 to Sonny Bono, and again in 1975 to The Allman Brothers' Gregg Allman.
In recent interviews she has described her desire to walk down the aisle once again, saying, "The right man adds something to your life. I'm looking for someone who can make me laugh, who I think is cute and who wants to go do stupid things still."



      Win a pair of tickets & hotel night for Cher at Colosseum!!! / Posted by: Twins - 30.06.2008


Spend a night at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and See Elton John, Cher or Bette Midler!
The Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas is home to three of the greatest divas: Elton John, Cher and Bette Midler! Each show has been playing to sold out crowds and feature over the top productions full of glitter, sequins, and feathers.
Now is your chance to enter to win 2 tickets to see either Elton John, Cher or Bette Midler and one night accomodation at Caesars Palace Las Vegas. Good Luck! Contest ends Thursday, July 3 at 9am PDT.
Click here for your chance to win tickets to see Cher, Bette Midler and Elton John in Las Vegas!



      Overzealous Cher fan arrested outside Tootsies  / Posted by: Chris-q - 25.06.2008


Cher and a boyfriend type and a few other posse members were put in the VIP front-window booth when she got there before midnight. And staffers tried to keep other customers away.

But one guy, Calvin Houghland, apparently just wouldn’t leave Cher alone, Metro Police said. Officers said Houghland insisted his stepfather worked with Cher when she was performing with now late ex-husband Sonny Bono.

Houghland kept trying to talk to her, even grabbed for her, according to police, so Tootsie’s staffers bounced him out. But he is alleged to have come back to the Lower Broadway honky tonk, so police arrested him.

Officers asked Cher if she wanted to prosecute and she said no. Despite that, Houghland was charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct. A judge ordered $3,000 bail.

You can see video and photos from Tootsies Orchid Lounge.



      Armenian Music Awards "Tashir 2008" / Posted by: Twins - 15.06.2008


The 62-year-old Cher was rewarded for her Artist Achievement at the 3rd Armenian Music Awards "Tashir 2008", which was presented April 6 at the State Kremlin Palace in Moscow, Russia.

This video you can see in the multimedia.


Big thanks to Noy for this video.


      The video of rare Cher's appearance at Foxtail / Posted by: Chris-q - 14.06.2008


Cher, believe it or not, was actually out having a social life in L.A. again. She was spotted waiting for her car to pick her up at Foxtail restaurant, when the paps had a narrow window of time to catch a glimpse of her standing behind a man.
We wonder why her face seems very tight for an older lady? Could it be more plastic surgery and face-lifts, or does she have the best face creams and wrinkle-reducers available? The only reason why we think it’s surgery is because she never has any expression other than squinty eyes, and we know those lights aren’t that bright. No matter what, though, she still looks really good!

The video of this Cher's appearance you can see at Hollywood Bubble Site.



      Cher in West Hollywood / Posted by: Twins - 13.06.2008


We have added 3 images of Cher in Los Angeles on June 12, 2008. She went partying with friends at Foxtail nightclub in West Hollywood.This photos you can see in the gallery.


      Bob Mackie's Sketches / Posted by: Chris-q - 04.06.2008


We have added 16 sketches of Cher by Bob Mackie.“The sketching didn’t take so long — it was coming up with what things were and how to do them. Still, it’s a lot easier than it used to be. There are so many amazing new fabrics, says Mackie.

“She wears everything with such ease,” says Mackie, her partner in sartorial success. “Not like a drag queen.”



      Vegas has Cher, babe / Posted by: Twins - 03.06.2008


Any concerns that Celine Dion couldn't be replaced as a marquee Las Vegas attraction have disappeared.

Cher and her Caesars Palace stablemate Bette Midler have instantly joined the list of hottest attractions in Sin City, selling out the Colosseum at Caesars Palace for every concert since the departure of Dion.

Midler opened at the Colosseum in February and Cher on May 6. Midler's initial run was 19 dates; Cher has played 16 concerts in the 4,296-seat venue. The two shows have already grossed about $24 million in ticket sales.

Promoter AEG Live does not release specific grosses, but each sell-out generates about $700,000. Midler's "The Showgirl Must Go On" and Cher have no comp tickets.

Cher's opening stanza concluded Sunday and she resumes her residency Aug. 6, performing Tuesdays, Wednesdays and weekends through Oct. 5. As currently scheduled, Cher's tally for the year will be 50 shows.

Midler is booked Tuesday through Sunday in June and July and for two weeks each in October, November and December. If no more shows are added or canceled, she will play 68 concerts in 2008.

Estimated grosses for the year would put Midler around $47 million and Cher at about $35 million, numbers that collectively would top Celine Dion's highest-grossing year, 2005, during which the box office took in $81.3 million on about 160 shows.

Cher is booked for 200 shows over three years while Midler will do 200 by February 2010.

The third piece in the Colosseum puzzle remains Elton John's "The Red Piano," which is booked for a dozen dates in June, eight shows between July 23 and Aug.2 and 13 concerts from Oct. 22 to Nov. 9. John does about 50 dates per year at the Colosseum.

If concert figures hold steady from last year, it is quite possible that four acts that earn the bulk of their coin from a single Vegas venue will be in the year's top 20 in grosses: Midler, John, Cher and Barry Manilow, who has 35 more dates booked this year at the Las Vegas Hilton.

Dion was consistently in the top 10 during her four years and eight months at the Colosseum. Dion performed 717 concerts and grossed $400 million in ticket sales. Intriguingly, in Dion's first year at the Colosseum, 2003, she grossed $80.5 million and was the second-highest concert earner of the year. Right behind her was Cher at $68.2 million.



      Exclusive from CherLove!!! / Posted by: Chris-q & Twins - 29.05.2008


We have added 22 images of Cher from the Las Vegas 2008 Photoshoot, which have been photographed by Michael Lavine.


      Laverne Photoshoot / Posted by: Chris-q - 27.05.2008


We have added new photoshoot "Laverne" from Colosseum concert program book 2008. "Laverne" photographed by James Glader.


      Happy Birtday, Cher!!!  / Posted by: Chris-q & Twins - 20.05.2008


Happy Birthday to the most fabulous woman walking on Earth! Congratulations with your 62rd birthday, Cher!
Have a lovely day with a lot of flowers and kisses and hugs and love and all the things you want in life!


      Cher does "The Armenian Reporter" (February 16,2008) / Posted by: Chris-q - 18.05.2008


We have added 11 images of Cher from the magazine “The Armenian Reporter”, which was published in February 16, 2008.


      Las Vegas Sun and Los Angeles Times reviews / Posted by: Twins - 15.05.2008


Whatever she had, Cher’s still got it

"For years now, Cher has been essentially staging her own memorial service (one that she can’t resist showing up for, to see just how much everybody still loves her)."

Read full Las Vegas Sun review

Cher is the new queen of Vegas

"Her show does not need a name. Unlike Celine Dion ("A New Day"), Bette Midler ("The Showgirl Must Go On") and even Elton John (The Red Piano"), this experience needs only her moniker: Cher."

Read full Los Angeles Times review


      Cher does "Neon" and "Events & Shows"  / Posted by: Chris-q - 10.05.2008


Cher is featured on the covers of American magazines "Neon" (May issue) and  "Events & Shows" (May/June issue).


      Photos and video from Oprah Winfrey Show / Posted by: Twins - 09.05.2008


We have added images of Cher from "Oprah Winfrey Show" on May 8, 2008. Also the video of "Oprah Winfrey Show" you can see at the multimedia.


      "Cher at Colosseum" review and photos / Posted by: Chris-q - 07.05.2008


LAS VEGAS — She floated down on a small, neon-lit platform that descends from the upper reaches of the Caesars Palace Colosseum to reveal her crooning I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For in a shimmering silver and gold gown coated by hundreds of feathers that also crowned her head.

Full USA Today review you can read on this link. Also you can read other reviews:, PR Newswire, Los Angeles Times.

The Cher Las Vegas Set-List:

Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
Song For The Lonely
I Gotta Be Me (Laverne)
All Or Nothing
I Found Someone
Love Is A Battle Field
It’s The Little Things
The Beat Goes On
All I Really Want To Do
Half Breed
Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves
Dark Lady
Don’t Leave Me This Way
Take Me Home
Sonny & Cher clips
Love Hurts
The Way Of Love
Cher Movie Clips
After All
Walking In Memphis
The Shoop Shoop Song
Sonny & Cher clip from TV show
Ain’t Nobody’s Business If I Do Video Clip
Strong Enough
If I Could Turn Back Time


      Backstage with Cher / Posted by: Twins - 07.05.2008


ET's Mark Steines had an exclusive all-access pass to see Cher at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace, where the music icon opened her new live show in Vegas Tuesday night.

And Mark was also the only reporter allowed to get a sneak peek at the show last week before it opened -- complete with a personal tour of her dressing room from Cher herself!


      New concert program book 2008 / Posted by: Twins - 06.05.2008


There is new Cher Colosseum concert program book 2008! Only sold at the Cher store in Caesars. The book is 11x14 in size and 80 pages in all plus cover and back page. Book is bound and is a little over a quarter of inch thick. Fabulous new full page color plates of her inside along with some b/w older shots of Cher. More photos are coming soon.


      ET Interview with Cher, Tina and Oprah  / Posted by: Chris-q - 06.05.2008


Last week ET's Mark Steines went exclusively backstage with Cher to talk about her all-new show at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace.

Now, Cher is being joined by none other than Tina Turner and Oprah in Las Vegas -- and Mark's got 'em in another ET exclusive!

"This is trouble right here; this is trouble waiting to happen," jokes Oprah.

Lady O and her crew traveled to Sin City for a once in a lifetime opportunity to see these two legendary superstars in action, and now "The Oprah Winfrey Show: Oprah, Cher and Tina in Vegas" is scheduled to premiere this Thursday!

Catch ET tonight for Mark's one-on-three interview with Oprah, Cher and Tina!

The photos and video you can see in gallery and multimedia.


      Cher is cover girl / Posted by: Twins - 05.05.2008


Cher is on the covers of the May issues of American magazines "Las Vegas Magazine" and "I Love Las Vegas". Full article from "Las Vegas Magazine" you can read on this link.


      The Oprah Winfrey Show Behind the Scenes / Posted by: Chris-q - 03.05.2008


We have added 9 images of Cher at "The Oprah Winfrey Show Behind the Scenes" on April 26, 2008. The video you can see at this link.


      Photos of Cher from ET Exclusive  / Posted by: Chris-q - 02.05.2008


We have added 30 images of Cher at "ET Exclusive: Backstage with Cher" on May 1, 2008. The video of ET interview you can see at this link.


      Casino Player Magazine / Posted by: Twins - 02.05.2008


Cher is featured on the cover of magazine "Casino Player" (May issue).

The legendary superstar turns back time with her outrageous new extravaganza at Caesars Palace. Cher will performing in Las Vegas in May 6. Her pact with promoter AEG Live extends three years.

You can go to official site of magazine "Casino Player" to see the cover.



      Photos of Cher from Entertainment Tonight / Posted by: Twins - 01.05.2008


We have added 24 images of Cher at "Entertainment Tonight" on April 30, 2008. The video of Entertainment Tonight interview you can see at this link.


      Cher does "Gala" (May 2008) / Posted by: Chris-q - 01.05.2008


We have added 6 images of Cher from the Russian magazine “Gala”, which was published in May 2008.


      Cher on Entertainment Tonight / Posted by: Twins - 30.04.2008


The Grammy winner is back with an all-new Vegas revue!

Cher is back with an all-new show at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, debuting Tuesday, May 6, and the ageless diva pulls no punches with ET's own Mark Steines in an exclusive interview!

"Everybody thought I was such a ho ... because of the way I dressed," the Grammy winner says about her early days in show biz. "People would make fun of [Sonny Bono] and I. Actually, they used to punch him in the nose because we looked so weird and they were so frightened of it. People don't look beneath anything."

Cher says her new show at The Colosseum is full of chart-topping hits spanning from the '60s to today, featuring extraordinary choreography, state-of-the-art lighting and special effects and, of course, her signature, breathtaking costumes. But will this be her last hurrah onstage?

"Who knows," she muses. "Every year critics say, 'She's on her way out,' but I'm still here and who knows why? I have no reason why!"

Plus, she's already contemplating what she'll do for an encore: "I'd do acting again because I love it," she says. "I'm not really a singer; I'm a better actress."

Cher's 90-minute show will be presented four nights a week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

The interview is to air Wednesday 30th April 2008.


      The first pictures from "The Oprah Winfrey Show" / Posted by: Chris-q - 30.04.2008


Thanks to the always fantastic, we’ve added the first pictures from "The Oprah Winfrey Show", which is scheduled to premiere Thursday, May 8. More photos are coming soon.


      Senior Living Magazine / Posted by: Twins - 29.04.2008


The legendary Cher is featured on the cover of Senior Living Magazine (Volume 11 No. 58). Small article inside entitled "The Indestructible Diva "

The indestructible diva, which retired from touring in 2005, will star in a song-and-dance spectacle starting May 6 at the 4,100-seat Coliseum in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. She'll perform four shows weekly for one month, then return mid-August through early October, leapfrogging stints with Bette Midler. Her pact with promoter AEG Live extends three years. Cher beat the odds at every turn in her 44-year career, so it's no surprise she's betting on an artistic rebirth in Las Vegas.  Cher, 61, promises a "visually unbelievable" hit parade that entails elaborate choreography, complex staging, eye-popping costumes, 14 dancers and four aerialists.

Full article you can read on this link.



      About Cher on "Oprah Show"   / Posted by: Chris-q - 27.04.2008 has posted about Cher on “Oprah Show”:

Cher came out to perform "Take Me Home" in a shredded blue dress with a matching blue headpiece and about a dozen dancers in 1970s outfits including, unlike the all-female Bette show, a few male dancers. Later, Tina did "Nutbush City Limit" on her own and then the two divas -- Oprah, being Vegasy, called them "a pair of queens" -- shared the stage for a rousing (is there any other version?) "Proud Mary." Cher looked particularly fetching in a shiny red mini-dress and a long-straight-black-hair wig.
The "Oprah" show also includes some video of Cher with designer Bob Mackie showing a few of the 17 daring costumes she'll sport when she opens in Vegas on May 6. There's a body-length Indian headdress, something Cher refers to as "Cleopatra comes to Caesars Palace" and a "warrior goddess" look she'll don for the Pat Benatar classic "Love Is A Battlefield." Cher said the show will span her pre-Sonny career and include the Sonny & Cher tunes "It's The Little Things" and "The Beat Goes On" as well as a rendition of the Sammy Davis Jr. standard "I Gotta Be Me."
Cher also went on a bit about having dated Tom Cruise, which I hadn't heard but which has been out for a month or so and has a lot of online skeptics scratching their heads about when this could've been and how nobody would've known it until Cher said it. It's further baffling because Cher told Oprah about some incident where Cher and young Tom went to a restaurant in New York, I think, and some waitress turned out to be an old schoolmate of Tom's who, Tom told Cher, wouldn't have spoken to him back in the day. I suppose that's possible since Tom crew up in Syracuse, but kind of amazing nonetheless.


      New Las Vegas Section / Posted by: Twins - 19.04.2008


Welcome to the new Las Vegas Section from! You will find here all the latest news, photos, videos of Cher from Las Vegas Show, which will open May 6, 2008. There are a lot of information about Las Vegas and Caesars Palace.

We really hope you will like this Las Vegas Section!


      Oprah, Cher and Tina in Vegas / Posted by: Chris-q - 18.04.2008


Oprah Winfrey is going "all in" for the hottest acts in Vegas -- Cher and Tina Turner!

Lady O and her crew will travel to Sin City next weekend for a once in a lifetime opportunity to see these two divas in action. She'll tape the special at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, which will feature exclusive performances as these legends unite for a Vegas spectacular!

"The Oprah Winfrey Show: Oprah, Cher and Tina in Vegas" is scheduled to premiere Thursday, May 8.


      Oprah to tape in Las Vegas with Cher and Tina / Posted by: Chris-q - 17.04.2008


Oprah Winfrey is taping her show in Las Vegas on April 26 with guest stars Tina Turner and Cher, according to reports.

Oprah brought her syndicated show here for Celine Dion's launch of "A New Day" in March 2003.

Turner will join Cher on "The Oprah Winfrey Show," which will be shot at a yet to be announced Caesars venue.

Cher opens her new show at Caesars Palace on May 6.


      18 Additional Shows / Posted by: Twins - 09.04.2008


In response to overwhelming ticket demand, Cher at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace is releasing 18 additional shows scheduled for September and October for public sale on April 13, 2008.


The new photo from Las Vegas Photoshoot you can see in the gallery.



      New Las Vegas Dates  / Posted by: Twins - 06.04.2008


New dates of Cher's show in Las Vegas are announced. You can buy tickets on

September dates: Tue.9th, Wed.10th, Tue.16th, Wed.17th, Sat.20th, Sun.21st, Tue.23rd, Wed.24th, Sat.27th, Sun.28th, Tue.30th.

October dates: Wed.1st, Sat.4th,Sun.5th.




      New photos of Cher / Posted by: Chris-q - 24.03.2008


Cher was seen for gym equipment at "Busy Body Home Fitness"  in Los Angeles on March 22, 2008. Paparazzi's pursuit was not pleasant for Cher and she phoned the police.The photos of Cher you can see in the gallery.


      Cher is on the cover of "Tele Express" / Posted by: Chris-q - 14.03.2008


Cher is on the cover of Ukrainian Magazine "Tele Express" (February 18, 2008 - February 24, 2008).  She talks about her marriages, friendship with Michelle Pfeiffer and other. The photo on the cover is from the 50th Annual GRAMMY Awards. Cher looks fabulous on this photo. Click on thumbnail on the right to view the cover.



      Cher with Loree Rodkin in LA / Posted by: Twins - 10.03.2008


We have added 5 images of Cher in Los Angeles on March 9, 2008. She was seen with her friend Loree Rodkin. Click here to watch the video on X17online.



      The second video of Cher in Beverly Hills / Posted by: Chris-q - 09.03.2008


Entertainment legend Cher shops for new furniture in Beverly Hills. Click here to watch the second video from MSN.


      Cher sighting in Los Angeles / Posted by: Twins - 05.03.2008


Cher was seen in Los Angeles on March 5, 2008. She with Chastity shopped for furniture. Click here to watch the video on TMZ.  The photos of Cher you can see in the gallery.




      Vogue photoshoot  / Posted by: Chris-q & Twins - 25.02.2008


We have surprise for you! It's exclusive photoshoot from Vogue magazine (November 15, 1966) with Cher modeling resort clothes. We hope you enjoy it!


      Cher in Beverly Hills / Posted by: Twins - 23.02.2008


Actress Cher sighting on February 22, 2008 in Beverly Hills. She looked awesome in this clothes.


      New video from the Grammy Awards on Extra TV / Posted by: Chris-q - 16.02.2008


Click here to watch Extra TV video from backstage at the 50th Annual GRAMMY Awards, including interviews with Cher. She talk about her friends Tina Turner and Farrah Fawcett.



      Photos and video clip from E!  / Posted by: Twins - 13.02.2008


We've added 14 images of Cher at "E!" on February 12, 2008. You can download a video clip from "E!" in multimedia.


      New video from the Grammy Awards on Access Hollywood / Posted by: Chris-q - 13.02.2008


Click here to watch Access Hollywood video from backstage at the 50th Annual GRAMMY Awards, including interviews with Cher, Alicia Keys and more.



      Photos from Interview for PRNewswire / Posted by: Twins - 12.02.2008


We have added 15 images of Cher's intreview for PRNewswire on February 11, 2008. The video  interview you can see at this link.


      New video from the Grammy Awards on ET / Posted by: Twins - 12.02.2008


Click here to watch Entertainment Tonight video from backstage at the 50th Annual GRAMMY Awards, including short interviews with Cher, Rihanna and more. Cher talks about Chrome Hearts, Tina Turner and her hair style with Mark Steines.


      Cher on the GRAMMY / Posted by: Chris-q - 11.02.2008


Cher attends the 50th Annual GRAMMY Awards at the Staples Center on February 10, 2008 in Los Angeles, California.

She presented the duet performance of Tina Turner and Beyonce.

Click here to watch video of Cher from the 50th Annual GRAMMY Awards


      Photos from Access Hollywood / Posted by: Twins - 09.02.2008


We have added 12 images of Cher at "Access Hollywood" on February 9, 2008. The video of Access Hollywood interview you can see at this link.

Cher says her friend Farrah Fawcett is now cancer free! Plus, is she ready to take on Las Vegas? And, what was it like dating Tom Cruise?


      Photos from Extra TV / Posted by: Chris-q - 09.02.2008


We have added 24 images of Cher at "Extra TV" on February 8, 2008. The video of Extra interview you can see at this link.

Music icon Cher is showing a side never seen before, going one-on-one with the man who can bring it out: her ex, Gene Simmons.

Together, they're taking on topics she's never talked about, like her secret former habits and how she stays young at heart.


      Photos from Entertainment Tonight / Posted by: Twins - 08.02.2008


We have added 26 images of Cher at "Entertainment Tonight" on February 8, 2008. The video of ET interview you can see at this link.

Mark Steines sits down with the incomparable CHER for a one-on-one interview!

The Oscar, Emmy and Grammy-winning diva just annouced that she'll return to the stage for a three-year spectacular at the Colosseum at Caesars palace.

Unguarded and straightforward as ever, she talks about preparations for the show -- and her legendary love life!


      About the Show, tickets and Tour dates  / Posted by: Chris-q - 08.02.2008


The legendary Cher confirmed a long-lived rumor that she will headline in Las Vegas at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace beginning May 6.

The performance agreement, which is in partnership with AEG Live, includes approximately 200 shows over a span of three years.

The 90-minute show will be presented at 7:30 p.m. four nights a week on Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday (dark Monday, Thursday and Friday). Tickets for performances from May 6 through August 31 are on sale now and can be purchased by calling 1-866-510-CHER (2437) or on-line at, keyword "Cher". Tickets may also be purchased in person at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace Box Office open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. For groups of 20 or more, call 702-731-7208.

Ticket prices are $95, $140, $175 and $250. Visit for more information on Cher at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace.


      Photos from GMA  / Posted by: Chris-q - 07.02.2008


We have added 17 images of Cher at "Good Morning America" on February 7, 2008. The video of GMA interview you can see at this link.

According to Good Morning America interview, Cher is not sick. And Cher and Chastity are not doing a reality show.

Also Cher will make a special presentation at the Grammys this Sunday , February 10th!


     Cher shares: Life, love, tattoos, politics, paparazzi / Posted by: Twins - 07.02.2008


MALIBU, Calif. — Draped Cleopatra-style across a plush sofa, Cher accepts hot raspberry tea from an assistant upstairs in her Italian Renaissance Revival villa, a magnificent 16,000-square-foot estate spread across a bluff offering splendid views of mountains and the Pacific.

A cabinet nearby displays impressive career hardware: a Grammy, Emmy, Oscar, Golden Globes. With these laurels, this luxury and an estimated worth of $600 million, it’s understandable that fans and showbiz pundits assume Cher slipped into retirement after her exhaustive and exhausting Farewell Tour ended three years ago.

As she has demonstrated for four decades, Cher is not the retiring type. Starting May 6, she’ll be center stage in The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, strutting sass and sequins in an audiovisual extravaganza. She’s leaving her seaside paradise and heading to Las Vegas with a high-tech, high-stepping, high-stakes gambol, daring detractors once again to declare her obsolete.

“On every list, I was always on my way out,” she says. It’s one reason the singer/actress/entertainer is particularly proud of her status as a gay icon.

“Gay men understand that I understand what it’s like to be an outsider,” says Cher, who’ll pop up Sunday as a presenter on the Grammy Awards. “To singers, I wasn’t a singer. To actors, I wasn’t an actor. I know what it’s like to fight for your place. Besides, gay men are very choosy, and they have great taste.”

She’s scoring fashionista points today for her flashy ensemble: sparkly tie, black vest and pants, fingerless gloves, lace stockings and leopard-print stilettos. At 61, Cher is not dressing, or acting, her age.

“How did this happen?” she says of her march into the Social Security zone. “I used to be the youngest one around. I remember talking to my grandmother when she was in her 80s, and I said, ‘How does it feel?’ She said, ‘I only notice it when I go to the mirror.’ She was up for anything. So am I. I’d better do what I can do while I can do it.”

Cher is especially determined to pull off a dazzling show after recovering last year from another debilitating bout of Epstein-Barr virus.

“I was sick a long time,” she says. “I went to Germany for some medicine and treatment. They have things overseas we never dreamed existed. When I was first diagnosed in the late ’80s, I had doctors telling me I was crazy. I was sick constantly and almost died from pneumonia. You never lose it, and it really takes the life out of you.”

Before she fell ill, Cher spent her post-Farewell days vacationing with friends, going to movies, watching TV (C-SPAN, History Channel, classic films), hanging out with daughter Chastity and son Elijah Blue and raising awareness and money for Operation Helmet. She also had a tattoo removed.

“It wasn’t a good one,” she says. “I might take some more off. When I got tattooed, only bad girls did it: me and Janis Joplin and biker chicks. Now it doesn’t mean anything. No one’s surprised. I got a tattoo right after I left Sonny (Bono) and I was feeling real independent. That was my badge.”

She also cleaned house, emptying her mansion for a Sotheby’s/ Julien’s auction that was expected to fetch about $1.5 million. The 780 lots, including art, jewelry, Bob Mackie costumes and a Gothic brass bed, brought in $3.5 million.

“I think about some of those things from time to time, but I don’t miss them in the way you miss a friend,” she says. “I have a soft spot for certain things and wonder where they are. But I didn’t let go of anything that really meant something. And I think it’s nice that people are taking special care of particular things they wanted. I found things or they found me, I had them for years, and now they’re on another journey.”

Cher’s journey has taken her farther from designer boutiques and deeper into activism. She and close pal Lou Dobbs often discuss politics. She has worked for Jimmy Carter, Al Gore and John Kerry. Though she’s committed to Hillary Clinton, Cher isn’t beholden to Democrats.

“I’m supporting her because I know her and I like her and she’s smart and a tough girl,” Cher says. “But I don’t have much respect for either party. I just think Republicans are worse.”

To gear up for Vegas, Cher is training on her beloved Power Plate fitness machine and plans to reintroduce yoga to her regimen. Once the show is rolling, she’s keen to record an album and perhaps direct a script she has eyed for years. She’s not dating but hasn’t ruled out a third stroll to the altar.

“I’m not looking for it, but I was never looking for it,” she says, noting that her taste in men hasn’t changed. “I like someone who’s really funny, kind, intelligent; the other things are less meaningful.”

She doesn’t consider herself unapproachable.

“I find that men are intimidated by who they think I am,” she says. “One night, Michelle Pfeiffer and I wanted to go out dancing, so we went to a club, sat down, and no one asked us to dance. I thought, this is crazy. Two of my gay friends came in and we danced with them for an hour. You have this baggage that comes with your image.”

Famous since 19, Cher only recently found alarming side effects of celebrity.

“The paparazzi have moved into my town,” she says. “I used to be able to run around in my sweats. Now I’m a prisoner. I think ’scum’ is a perfect word for these people. They’re meaner now. Before, they would be happy to get a picture. Now they want something salacious or to make you look bad.

“Everything’s more mean-spirited now. My sister was telling me about a show that hooks people up to lie detectors (Fox’s The Moment of Truth). I don’t like reality shows. I saw American Idol one time and said, ‘Well, I never need to see this again.’ I thought it was boring. I wasn’t entertained.”

Cher’s confident she’ll reclaim an entertainment niche in a culture awash in trash TV and tabloids. But her shrine of shiny awards hasn’t entirely erased her misfit issues.

“In my business, you’re only as good as what you do today,” she says. “But I think people like me. People feel friendly toward me, maybe because I’ve been around most of their lives. And their parents’ lives.”



      USA Today Interview / Posted by: Chris-q - 07.02.2008


Cher beat the odds at every turn in her 44-year career, so it's no surprise she's betting on an artistic rebirth in Las Vegas.

The indestructible diva, who retired from touring in 2005, will star in a song-and-dance spectacle starting May 6 at the 4,100-seat Colosseum in Caesars Palace. She'll perform four shows weekly for one month, then return mid-August through early October, leapfrogging stints with Bette Midler. Her pact with promoter AEG Live extends three years.

Cher, 61, promises a "visually unbelievable" hit parade that entails elaborate choreography, complex staging, eye-popping costumes, 14 dancers and four aerialists.

"Creatively, we're doing something that's never been done with sets," she says. "Getting the whole thing in book form, in pictures, has taken months. Our set moves down from the ceiling, in from the sides, up from the floor. We have screens in the foreground, the center and the back. We can change a city into a forest in two seconds. You'll see a different stage for every song."

The music will access all chapters of Cher's career, from her Sonny & Cher start to her recent dance-pop phase, and she's plotting updates of both old and new hits.

Cher's extravagant 2002-05 Farewell Tour rang up $192.5 million from 273 shows, the ninth-highest-grossing tour in history, according to Billboard Boxscore.

"Cher definitely achieved elite status as a live performer on her Farewell Tour, which was a remarkable endurance test and a hugely popular draw," says Billboard touring editor Ray Waddell.

"With her elaborate costumes, long list of hits and over-the-top presentation, I can't think of another artist more suited to Vegas. A Cher concert is just a really good time."

Cher insists her Vegas splash won't recycle Farewell's motifs: "I'd like to be challenged."

She hasn't seen Colosseum concerts by previous residents Celine Dion or Elton John, nor the venue itself ("I saw a picture of it"). She's furiously working out to gear up for rehearsals, and she likes the idea of bouncing between her home in Malibu and a steady gig in Vegas.

But don't look for her at the craps tables: "Let me have a pair of shoes for my money."

By Edna Gundersen, USA TODAY



      Cher on Good Morning America / Posted by: Chris-q - 04.02.2008


Cher will be appearing on Good Morning America this Thursday February 7 to announce her Las Vegas Tour Spectacular in conjunction with AEG Live!Cher will commence her new Las Vegas shows on May 6th and tickets will be on sale shortly. The title of Cher’s show is unknown however you can expect an amazing array of costumes, dancers and glitz and glamour!  Cher may even debut one of her new songs in Las Vegas and is contracted to perform 100 shows.



      Cher plots and plans her Vegas Show launch  / Posted by: Twins - 09.01.2008


Las Vegas insider Robin Leach has posted about Cher's plans on the lasvegasmagazine:

First I was told to “expect the official confirmation announcement any moment now” from Cher about her new upcoming string of shows at the Caesars Palace Colosseum. Then I was told, “Keep an eye on Jan. 28 or sometime that last week of the month.”

Either way, Cher is in charge of breaking the news herself and she’s planning to do it with a big splash in New York rather than Vegas!

Watch for her 24-hour media day of back-to-back appearances on Good Morning America, The Today Show, plus David Letterman and Regis & Kelly to announce the new run starting either the last week of April or the first week of May at Celine Dion’s former home. Bette Midler will be appearing there in the meantime and I’ve learned “her ticket sales are going through the roof—and far better than anybody dared dream possible. She’s a sell out and going at the same pace as Celine!”

Apparently, Cher plans to stop in Vegas en route home to Hollywood after New York to meet all members of the Vegas media community and reveal further details of her spectacular. Tickets for Cher’s show should go on sale by Feb. 1 at the latest!



      Remembering Sonny / Posted by: Chris-q & Twins - 08.01.2008


Sonny Bono (1935 – 1998)

And the beat goes on

"The Most Unforgettable Character" I've ever met. And for me that person is Sonny Bono..." - Cher

We will remember him forever!


      New layout / Posted by: Chris-q & Twins - 02.01.2008


We uploaded new layout and we really hope you like it! We've been working on it for a long long time! Please leave comments to let us know what do you think about it. We are still fixing some things so don't worry if something doesn't work!


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