Released: November 8, 2000

Genre: Soft Rock

Length: 40:58

Label: Artist Direct

Producer: Cher, Bruce Roberts is the twenty fourth album by American singer-actress Cher, released November 8, 2000. The album was released exclusively through and Artist Direct, it followed Cher's largest commercial hit Believe.




Album History

The majority of (pronounced not dot com dot mercial) was written by Cher in 1994 when she retreated to France. The song Born With A Hunger was written by Eikhardt, and Classified 1a is a newly-remixed version of her 1970 Sonny Bono-penned song. The folk/rock-themed album with some slow ballads was proposed to Warner UK when Cher signed with the company in early 1995. Rob Dickins, head of Warner, reportedly turned down the project as being "not commercial".

In 1999, Cher decided it was time to release the record as an exclusive for fans through her website and Artist Direct., which released no singles. Though no singles were released, the song "Born With the Hunger" has been featured on the international version of The Very Best of Cher.


Track listing


1. "Still" 6:15
2. "Sisters of Mercy" 5:01
3. "Runnin" 3:56
4. "Born With the Hunger" 4:05
5. "(The Fall) Kurt's Blues" 5:17
6. "With or Without You" 3:45
7. "Fit to Fly" 3:53
8. "Disaster Cake" 3:25
9. "Our Lady of San Francisco" 2:15
10. "Classified 1A" 2:55


None of the songs have ever been sung live and little information is known about the album itself, although Cher's liner notes explains a lot. The song "The Fall (Kurt's Blues)", co-written with Pat MacDonald of Timbuk3 and Bruce Roberts, is her tribute to rock singer Kurt Cobain, who committed suicide in 1994.

In an interview conducted with Cher by Lawrence Ferber, she said that "We did the whole thing in 2 days with the guys from the Letterman band we were just making demos." The personnel from the David Letterman band in 2000 is as follows:
Felicia Collins, Sid McGinnis: Guitars (Collins also does backing vocals)
Paul Shaffer: Keyboards
Bernie Worrell: Synthesizers
Will Lee: Bass, Backing Vocals
Anton Fig: Drums, Percussion
Tom Malone: Trombone
Al Cheznovitz: Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Bruce Kapler: Saxophone