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Posted by:  Chris-q  30.11.2010


We have added new scans from Russian magazine "TV Park" (#48, December 2010 - 4 pages) and from American magazine "In Style" (November 2010 - 6 pages). These scans you can see in the gallery.


Posted by:  Twins  30.11.2010


The soundtrack to Burlesque, starring Christina Aguilera and Cher, hit the no. 1 position at iTunes over the holiday weekend.

Released on November 22nd on RCA Records, Burlesque features new recordings performed and co-written by five time Grammy winner Christina Aguilera, with production by Tricky Stewart, Linda Perry and Ron Fair and songwriting by Claude Kelly, Tricky Stewart and Sia.

The soundtrack also features two brand new tracks performed by the legendary Cher, including "You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me", a powerful Diane Warren penned ballad which was produced by Matt Serletic. This marks Cher's first new original song in seven years as well as her first movie musical. The soundtrack also includes remakes / covers of classic songs such as Etta James' "Something's Got A Hold On Me" and "Tough Lover" and Mae West's "A Guy What Takes His Time" all performed by Christina Aguilera.

Christina Aguilera makes her theatrical film and musical debut as the lead character in Burlesque where she co-stars along with the legendary Cher in her first major film role since 1999. Burlesque, which is currently in theaters, was released by Screen Gems / Sony Pictures nationwide on on Wednesday, November 24th, is written and directed by Steven Antin and produced by Donald De Line.



Posted by:  Chris-q  30.11.2010


Young wizard Harry Potter fended off fairy-tale princess Rapunzel at the weekend box office. "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1" took in $49.1 million over Thanksgiving weekend to remain the No. 1 movie. The animated musical "Tangled," an update of the Rapunzel fairy tale, debuted in second-place with $48.8 million. Stripping off in fourth place was "Burlesque," also in its premiere weekend. The musical extravaganza with Cher and Christina Aguilera brought in $11.95 million.

The top 20 movies at U.S. and Canadian theaters Friday through Sunday, followed by distribution studio, gross, number of theater locations, average receipts per location, total gross and number of weeks in release, as compiled Monday by are:

1. "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I," Warner Bros., $49,087,101, 4,125 locations, $11,900 average, $219,056,129, two weeks.

2. "Tangled (3-D animated)," Disney, $48,767,052, 3,603 locations, $13,535 average, $68,706,298, one week.

3. "Megamind," Paramount/DreamWorks Animation, $12,575,778, 3,411 locations, $3,687 average, $130,218,934, four weeks.

4. "Burlesque," Sony/Screen Gems, $11,947,744, 3,037 locations, $3,934 average, $17,300,213, one week.

5. "Unstoppable," Fox, $11,432,903, 3,183 locations, $3,592 average, $60,442,621, three weeks.

6. "Love and Other Drugs," Fox, $9,739,161, 2,455 locations, $3,967 average, $13,901,532, one week.

7. "Faster," CBS Films, $8,523,153, 2,454 locations, $3,473 average, $12,002,840, one week.

8. "Due Date," Warner Bros., $7,167,885, 2,555 locations, $2,805 average, $84,861,008, four weeks.

9. "The Next Three Days," Lionsgate, $4,683,123, 2,564 locations, $1,826 average, $14,392,072, two weeks.

10. "Morning Glory," Paramount, $3,910,058, 2,441 locations, $1,602 average, $26,340,571, three weeks.



Posted by:  Twins  29.11.2010


We have added 3 photos Cher from Vanity Fair photoshoot (December 2010). Photographed by Norman Jean Roy. These photos you can see in the gallery.



Posted by:  Chris-q  28.11.2010


We have added new photos from Press Conference for Burlesque with Cher on November 15, 2010 in Los Angeles, CA. These photos you can see in the gallery.


Posted by:  Twins  28.11.2010


If there’s one person who could make Lady Gaga look like a shrinking violet, it’s the original queen of reinvention Cher, who’s back on the big screen alongside Christina Aguilera in the musical Burlesque. As the ever-more-youthful 64-year-old tells Elaine Lipworth, ‘Retire? Never!’

There aren’t many celebrities who can accurately be described as iconic, but if anyone deserves the title it’s Cher, a true survivor who started her career as a teenager in the 60s and is still as relevant today. ‘Why am I an icon? I haven’t got a clue,’ laughs the star, whose fabulous talent and ability to reinvent herself paved the way for generations of singers from Madonna to Lady Gaga. So it is fitting that my meeting with this Hollywood legend takes place amid the glamour of Las Vegas.
Sony, the film company releasing her new film Burlesque – a lavish musical also starring Christina Aguilera in her first film role (Cher plays a burlesque club owner, Christina an aspiring singer and dancer who is her protégée)
– has pulled out all the stops, inviting me and a guest to see her in concert before meeting her backstage. I take my 12-year-old daughter Ava with me. She’s done her Cher homework on YouTube and is suitably impressed.
We fly to Sin City, where Cher is coming to the end of a three-year residency for which she has reportedly earned around £37.5 million. Her image is ubiquitous: those ageless, sculpted features gaze down from billboards everywhere. We are staying at the Caesars Palace hotel where the concert at the resort’s Colosseum is over the top and great fun. The 4,300-seat venue is packed with Cher fans – in front of us is a consummate entertainer, Cher belts out all the old favourites including ‘I Got You Babe’ (her first hit with Sonny Bono in 1965), ‘If I Could Turn Back Time’ and her 1998 comeback track ‘Believe’. She keeps the audience spellbound. We count 14 costume and hair changes – from redhead to blonde to black, with clingy, blingy outfits revealing her toned figure.
After the show I am ushered back into the empty concert hall. There is Cher, sitting on the stage wearing a cream lacy tank top under a pink hoodie, with black leggings and Uggs. She seems endearingly vulnerable. ‘Did you like the show?’ she asks. ‘I didn’t think I was any good tonight.’ ‘You were great,’ I offer quite genuinely. She shakes her head. ‘I am always nervous. In Las Vegas I have a hard time with my throat, it’s always too dry. Tonight my notes weren’t as clear and strong as I wanted them to be. But I am my own worst critic.’
We first met two decades ago, when she was pipe-cleaner skinny in ripped jeans and leather and had a hard veneer. Tonight she appears prettier and softer. ‘I used to look a lot better,’ she says with a wry smile. Ageing, she admits, is tough. ‘Oh, it’s a major pain in the ass. I crushed a bone in my foot years ago at the gym; I danced on it soon after and the doctor said, “You’re going to pay for this later” and now I am – I have to have an operation next March. But other than that I don’t really feel old.’

Full article you can read here


Posted by:  Chris-q  28.11.2010


We have added new photos Cher from photoshoot Andrew Macpherson (2010). These photos you can see in the gallery.


Posted by:  Twins  25.11.2010


We have added new production stills  with Cher from film "Burlesque". These photos you can see in the gallery.


Posted by:  Chris-q  25.11.2010


BEVERLY HILLS -- Bosoms and bottoms are front and center in "Burlesque," a $55 million razzle-dazzler of a musical that will go down in history as the only film to ever showcase Cher's cinematic comeback, Christina Aguilera's acting debut and the pitfalls of balloon mortgages.

However, this flashy fable -- opening Thursday -- of a small-town girl with super-size talent (Aguilera, naturally, belting out everything from Etta James to three originals that she co-wrote) who hightails it to a big-city cabaret in the hopes of being discovered is a relatively tasteful PG-13 tease. There is but one strip number, and that is cleverly obscured by props.

That's unless you count the offstage clothes-shedding by Cam Gigandet's tipsy bartender Jack as he uses a strategically placed box of Famous Amos cookies to tempt Aguilera's slinky Ali.

But bring six of the cast members together to chat about a production, depicted in recent exposés as fraught with on-set tension between novice director Steve Antin and Screen Gems president Clint Culpepper (who also happens to be Antin's partner of 20 years), and it barely takes a minute before the repartee gets risqué.

The opening question: Has anyone ever been to a real burlesque club? Turns out almost everyone has.

Cher boldly leads the charge. "I was just in one the other night," says the ageless legend, who plays Tess, the debt-ridden owner of the lounge and a cool chick of a mother hen to her troupe of nubile ladies. "It was called the Box. It was in New York City. It's like a teeny little version of our set."

"Oh my God, the Box," exclaims Julianne Hough, the "Dancing With the Stars" sensation who is also making her film debut as an Ann-Margret look-alike dancer. "I went there right after we finished shooting, and I was like, 'I wonder if Steven saw this?'

Stanley Tucci, who lends his usual understated humor to the part of gay stage manager Sean, inquires, "Is it a place where they do all different kinds of acts -- like very odd acts?"

Says Hough, emphatically, "Yes, yes, yes!"

Tucci proceeds to describe a trick done by a female performer that is very odd, indeed.

"Isn't that against the law?" Cher asks.

Around this time, Gigandet, best known as "Twilight"'s vampire James, slips into his seat after a bathroom break and is taken aback by the conversation. "Now I'm totally lost."

"I think I was there the same night," Hough says. "I was glad I had a few drinks in me because I was like, 'This is really weird.' "

"I get off on women," Aguilera interjects. "I loved it."

Full article you can read here


Posted by:  Twins  25.11.2010



Cher is featured on the covers of American gay magazine "Odyssey" (December 2010) and of the SUN Paper in Toronto, Canada "ENT SHOWCASE" (21 November 2010). Covers you can see in the gallery.


Posted by:  Chris-q  25.11.2010


We have added TV Show with Jay Leno (24.11.2010). Cher talks about her wardrobe malfunction at the hand and foot print ceremony and forgetting how to spell her name. Also talks about Sarah Palin and Tea Party, dating Jay's friend, being on Facebook and her Vanity Fair cover. Photos you can see in the gallery.


Posted by:  Twins  22.11.2010


We have added TV Show "Life! with Regis and Kelly" (19.11.2010). These photos you can see in the gallery.


Posted by:  Chris-q  22.11.2010


We have added new video "Burlesque" Unscripted interview  with Cher and  Christina Aguilera. These photos you can see in the gallery.


Posted by:  Twins  22.11.2010


We have added second new Burlesque promo interview with Cher, Stanley Tucci, Christina Aguilera, Cam Gigandet, Julianne Hough and Eric Dane. These photos you can see in the gallery.


Posted by:  Chris-q  21.11.2010


The glittering costumes, the bright lights, the stage, the hair -- and glittering talent -- have all contributed to the award-winning megastar Cher's incredible presence over the past five decades.
For the first time in a decade, she's starring in a feature film, "Burlesque".

In it, 64-year-old Cher plays Tess, the golden-hearted proprietor of a down-on-its-luck club -- a character to whom Cher said she can relate.

"Tess is the kind of ... she's the mother ... of all of it, you know?" Cher said. "She's the one that is the caretaker. But she's no nonsense, too.
"She's tough all the way through," she added. "But ... no one's tough all the time."

No one could remain on top for as long as Cher has without being tough, both mentally and physically. The new film, she said, took a good deal of determination.

"It was the hardest work I ever did on a film. Sixteen-hour days," she said.

Working opposite women less than half her age, including 29-year-old singing sensation, Christina Aguilera, Cher said the other actresses couldn't believe she was 64.

"The girls were mesmerized with the fact that I was my age," she said. "Could not believe it. Could not compute it."

It is a bit hard to believe. Twenty years ago Cher famously wore a lacey, see-through leotard in her music video, "If I Could Turn Back Time." She wore it again at this year's VMA Awards, where she proudly announced on stage, "I'm the oldest chick with the biggest hair and the littlest costume."

Cher and Lady Gaga: Is there Cher in Gaga?

But the moment in the evening that caught the most attention was when Cher presented an award to today's provocative princess, Lady Gaga, who was wearing her infamous meat dress.

An amused Cher said, at first she didn't realize the dress and purse were made of meat. "I thought she asked me to hold her MINK purse!"

"I was watching the way, you know, the cuts of meat were ... sewn together ... and I thought, 'this is a beautifully tailored outfit,'" Cher said.

Does she see a bit of herself in the boundary-pushing Gaga? Indeed she does.

Anybody who's going to go, you know, balls to the wall, you know, I did it in my time, which seems so simple and innocent now," Cher said. "We're artists. We're supposed to make people think."

"You Haven't Seen the Last of Me," Cher's rousing solo in "Burlesque," seems like a fitting theme for her real life.

"There have been really lean times. You know? Really lean times, and times where I was kind of a joke, and that was really hard ... It's really hard to be a joke in your own business," she said. "Everything in my business is about being cool, and about appearances ... Very little in my business has to do with reality. ... Somehow, I crept through."

Yes she has. Cher is one of the most successful artists in history, with an Oscar for her role in "Moonstruck," a Grammy Award for "Believe," not to mention an Emmy, three Golden Globes and a People's Choice Award for her other works in film, television and music.

Cher on 'Jersey Shore': 'I'm Not Sure Why That Group Is Famous'

Now, at a time when superstars in the entertainment world include the likes of the Kardashians and the cast of "Jersey Shore," Cher said she doesn't pay much attention to them or their reality TV shows.

"What I know about the Kardashians, you could put on the head of a pin and still have room for the Lord's prayer. I know nothing about them," she said. "I don't really like reality shows. At all."

However, there is one reality TV show that used to catch Cher's interest: "John and Kate Plus 8."

"A long time ago, I used to watch this very sweet reality show called 'John and Kate Plus 8,'" Cher said. "And then I leave the country for like six months. I come back...the whole thing is just blown up in everyone's face.

"I just thought, 'Well this isn't what I signed on for,'" she said. "And then my sister was telling me about these New Jersey kids, and the way she was describing it was so horrible I thought, 'Why would I want to?'"

But has Cher ever had the pleasure of seeing Snooki in person? Not exactly, but she said she was given a Snooki bobble head doll, which she said was "not too impressive."

In fact, the star seems to despise the fame the whole "Jersey Shore" cast has earned over the past year.

"I kind of like people that do something," Cher said, "that are not just famous for...I'm not sure what. I'm not sure why that group of people are famous."


Posted by:  Twins  21.11.2010



We have added new Burlesque promo interview "Behind the scenes" (16.11.2010). These photos you can see in the gallery.


Posted by:  Chris-q  20.11.2010


Iconic singer and performer Cher is poised to make a comeback on the dance charts with her new song, “You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me.”

“You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me”, which has been remixed by Almighty, Stonebridge and Dave Aude, marks Cher’s first new original song in seven years. The ballad was penned by Diane Warren and produced by Matt Serletic.

There is no word on a release date, but the remixes have been sent digitally to DJ’s and promoters.

The winner by far is the Almighty remix. If it doesn’t whip you into dancefloor submission, check your pulse. Dave Aude also did a great job on the song.

“You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me” is one of many tracks featured on the Burlesque – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – out November 22nd. The highly anticipated soundtrack also features new recordings performed and co-written by five time Grammy winner Christina Aguilera and production from Tricky Stewart and Sia.

Other tracks included remakes/covers of classic songs such as Etta James’ “Something’s Got A Hold On Me” and “Tough Lover” and Mae West’s “A Guy What Takes His Time” all performed by Christina Aguilera.

“You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me” Remixes Tracklist:

01. You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me (Almighty Club Mix)
02. You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me (Almighty Dub)
03. You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me (Almighty Radio Edit)
04. You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me (Dave Aude Club Mix)
05. You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me (Dave Aude Dub)
06. You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me (Dave Aude Radio Edit)
07. You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me (Stonebridge Club Instrumental)
08. You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me (Stonebridge Club Mix)
09. You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me (Stonebridge Dub)
10. You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me (Stonebridge Radio Edit)

Have a listen to “You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me (Almighty Radio Edit)” below.


Posted by:  Twins  20.11.2010


“The Insider” correspondent Chris Jacobs sat down with the ladies of ‘Burlesque’ who talked about their strenuous on-set experiences.

Cher’s co-star Stanley Tucci explained what makes Cher, Cher, saying, “She’s always good in everything she does.”

The music icon seemed to serve as a mentor on-set with Julianne Hough, who admitted to Chris that she was “intimidated” by her co-star. She reflected on a moment when Cher told her something “really special” to get her through a scene. “I ran back to my trailer and wrote it down in my journal. Never forget. It’s not even something that was just gonna help me in that moment, at that time, it’s gonna help for my entire career,” Julianne said of Cher’s words of wisdom.

Christina Aguilera recalled that her debut movie was not a walk in the park, saying, “I worked my ass off through the film. It was a lot of long hours and I remember being on that movie, every couple of weeks, they had to take in my clothes. … I was shrinking on set.”

These photos you can see in the gallery.


Posted by:  Chris-q  20.11.2010


We have added new EXTRA interview with Cher and Stanley Tucci on 15 November 2010. These photos you can see in the gallery.


Posted by:  Twins  19.11.2010


"When I was a little girl, I saw Cinderella with my mother," Cher says. "I started singing the songs from it, and I told her, 'This is what I am going to do.' I was 3, and I never changed my mind."
Cher and I are sitting in the grandly proportioned master bedroom of her 14,000-square-foot, $41 million Italianate villa in Malibu. Her king-size bed rests atop a stone platform, beneath a painting of the Virgin Mary and the baby Jesus. The room's 12-foot arched windows overlook gardens, an infinity pool, the Pacific Ocean. From its seaside bluff, the home--which was built to Cher's specifications in 1999 and includes a guest house, theater, gym, and tennis courts--looms over the beach like some vast, displaced fairy-tale castle. It feels ponderously, ostentatiously self-important. She loves it.
"I wanted to be famous," she tells me. "I wanted this!

Full Interview you can read here


Posted by:  Chris-q  19.11.2010


Last night in Hollywood, Cher became even more immortal. She received her place outside of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre by placing her handprints and footprints in the cement and with a Cher twist, adding gold dust to the entire thing.

We have added Cher's photos from ceremony at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. These photos you can see in the gallery.


Posted by:  Twins  17.11.2010


Singer and Oscar-winning actress Cher will be immortalized on Hollywood Boulevard Thursday when she sinks her hands and feet into the cement in front of the Chinese Theatre.
Cher, 64, will receive the honor less than a week before the opening of her latest film, Burlesque, in which she plays a club owner and star-maker with a new prodigy -- played by Christina Aguilera.
The El Centro native and high-school dropout burst onto the entertainment scene in the early 1960s when Sonny Bono, who helped her land a job as a backup singer employed by record producer Phil Spector.
She and Bono worked together as a singer-songwriter team, before eventually deciding to sing as a duo. In 1965 -- one year after they were married -- their single I Got You Babe shot to the top of the charts.
They pumped out several more top-10 hits in the ensuing years, and they gained popularity with their offbeat stage presence in concerts and variety shows.
In the early 1970s, they began The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour, which rocketed the couple to stardom and made them household names.
The show lasted until 1974, when the couple broke up. Cher continued her singing career with mild success, but turned more and more toward acting. Her role on Broadway in ``Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean,' led to an appearance in the 1982 film of the same name.
The next year she earned an Oscar nomination for her role in Silkwood.
She went on to appear in Mask in 1985, and films such as The Witches of Eastwick and Suspect.
Cher hit the jackpot when she starred as Loretta Castorini in Moonstruck, winning an Oscar for best actress.
With her singing career experiencing a major resurgence, Cher appeared in only a handful of films over the past two decades, including Mermaids, Stuck on You and Tea with Mussolini.
Burlesque is her first film in seven years.
Cher's music career includes the hits Half-Breed, Train of Thought, Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves, If I Could Turn Back Time, Love and Understanding, Believe and Strong Enough.


Posted by:  Chris-q  17.11.2010


We have added Cher's photos from Burlesque Los Angeles Premiere - After Party at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, CA United States on November, 15 2010. These photos you can see in the gallery.



Posted by:  Twins  16.11.2010


The singer-and-actress - who will soon be seen in 'Burlesque' alongside Christina Aguilera - has confirmed the project is likely to still be made following casting rumours in 2009, noting it is one of only two scripts alongside 'Mamma Mia!' she has been interested in.
Talking about the project, Cher - who would play the neighbour of a 30-year-old slacker who is kicked out of his home by his parents - said: "It's very dumb, very 14-year-old boy humour. I love it."
She also confirmed while at a round-table discussion for 'Burlesque' she could not star in 'Mamma Mia!', which starred Meryl Streep, Amanda Seyfried and Dominic Cooper, because of her hectic tour schedule.
Cher - who won an Academy Award for Best Actress in 1988 for the movie 'Moonstruck' - has only starred in two movies in the last 11 years, 1999's 'Tea with Mussolini' and 'Stuck on You' in 2003.



Posted by:  Chris-q  16.11.2010


She may be 64, but Cher made it clear tonight that she has no plans to tone down her revealing wardrobe.
The veteran singer, who has worn many bold costumes over the years, stepped onto the red carpet in a dress that featured both a plunging neckline and very high hemline.

In fact the sparkly black number, which she teamed with fishnets and a lace shrug, was so low cut that it revealed the top of her lacy bra.

She was joined at the LA premiere of Burlesque by her co-star Christina Aguilera, who looked decidedly demure by comparison.
The 29-year-old singer, who earlier received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, opted for an Elie Saab silk chiffon gown and Neil Lane jewels.

Cher’s child Chaz Bono took along girlfriend Jennifer Elia and they joined a host of stars at the event including Khloe Kardashian, AnnaLynne McCord, Ryan Seacrest and girlfriend Julianne Hough.

These photos you can see in the gallery.



Posted by:  Twins  15.11.2010


We have added new interview Associated Press with Cher and Christina Aguilera on 15 November. These photos you can see in the gallery.


Posted by:  Chris-q  15.11.2010


Getting closer and closer to its much-awaited release date, a brand new clip from the musical drama “Burlesque” has hit the web. Have a listen to “Welcome to Burlesque” below.


Posted by:  Chris-q  15.11.2010


We have added new Entertainment Tonight interview with Cher, Christina Aguilera and  Julianne Hough on 15 November 2010. These photos you can see in the gallery.



Posted by:  Twins  15.11.2010


We have added new interview with Cher and Stanley Tucci on Access Hollywood (15.11.2010). These photos you can see in the gallery.


Posted by:  Chris-q  13.11.2010


We have added new production stills and backstage photos with Cher from film "Burlesque". These photos you can see in the gallery.


Posted by:  Twins  13.11.2010


A new movie musical boasts sequins, torch songs, onstage gyrations, and two generations of pop icons— Christina Aguilera and the one and only Cher.

If you prefer your pumpkin pie served with a dollop of diva, then seeing Burlesque should be high on your to-do list this Thanksgiving. The PG-13 flick, opening Nov. 24, follows a young ingenue (pop star Christina Aguilera) who moves to Los Angeles and becomes a burlesque star under the tutelage of club owner Tess (music icon Cher). But really, it’s all about spectacle: sequins, singing, and, of course, Cher. Aguilera and director Steven Antin take EW behind the scenes of this modern-day musical in a series of exclusive set photos. As Cher sings in the film, “Welcome to Burlesque!”


Posted by:  Chris-q  13.11.2010


PARADE's November 21 cover story is a one-on-one sit-down with Burlesque star, Cher, who speaks with PARADE's Dotson Rader about her darkest struggles, ex-husbands and desire to never retire.

In these exclusive extras from PARADE's cover story, Cher opens up about leaving home at 16, the failure of her marriage to Sonny Bono, past loves, and more.

On her childhood.
"I was terrible in school. I didn't like it. Nobody knew about dyslexia then, so everything I learned I learned from listening because I didn't read well. I could write if I did it very slowly. I knew I wasn't stupid. My mother would say, 'This doesn't make any difference. This is not going to be important to you later. Just do your best.' She always believed in me."

Discovering racism in her family.
"Both my grandmothers were from the South. They were very prejudiced. They learned it growing up. They used all the bad words, like the 'n' word. One day my mom said to my grandmother, 'My children don't know these words and they don't need to hear them. I don't want you to talk like that in my house or you can't come over.'
"When my mom took me to Little Rock, Ark., I got to see one of my relatives. I was so excited. She and I drove to the liquor store to get something and there were three black girls going down the street. She said, 'Let's scare them! 'And she drove close to them. I said, 'Are you out of your damn mind? We could've hurt them!' It was the first time I noticed that it wasn't enough to love your family if you don't have the same values. Without those, you couldn't really relate to them or be around them."

On leaving home at 16 and living on her own.
"One day I just said to my mom, 'This is it! I'm finished with all this crap. I don't want to go to school anymore. I don't really feel like being told what to do anymore. I want to get out on my own.' I just walked out. I'd had it. I left home and moved in with my girlfriend. I was completely unequipped for life. I got a crazy job -- I docked timecards at Robinson's Dept. Store. I hated it so badly that one day I just walked out and didn't even collect my paycheck. I just wanted out of there."

Full Interview you can read here


Posted by:  Twins  13.11.2010


We uploaded full video interview Cher with David Letterman and screen caps from TV show. These photos you can see in the gallery.


Posted by:  Chris-q  12.11.2010


Cher arrives at NYC’s Ed Sullivan Theater for an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman on Thursday (November 11).

Cher sat down with David Letterman Thursday night and talked about her daughter-turned-son, Chaz, who completed gender reassignment surgery earlier this year.
"The day that we talked about it, really talked about it seriously, I said, 'If you have to do this you just have to do it,'" she said. "I wasn't always able to be quite as calm through the process, but that day I was so calm, and just thought, 'This is what has to happen.'"
"She was a lesbian - she still is - but it's not the same now," Cher said. "She has a beautiful girlfriend. But it's not the same thing as being a homosexual, you feel as if you're in the wrong body."
Cher used female pronouns throughout the interview and recently admitted that she still sometimes slips up and calls Chaz a girl.


Posted by:  Twins  10.11.2010


Cher and the Academy Awards made for an interesting mix over 20 years ago when she took home a Best Actress Oscar for “Moonstruck.” Though it was probably her threads that grabbed more headlines the next day.

This year, the singer is back in the awards mix, though for her vocal talents (which have never been recognized by the Academy). Cher is part of the ensemble of Steven Antin’s musical “Burlesque” and belts out the power ballad “You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me” at a key moment in the context of the film.

Not only that, the song was also written by Dianne Warren, who has been nominated for six Academy Awards (going all the way back to “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” from “Mannequin”).  And she has yet to win.

Have a listen to “You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me” below.


Posted by:  Chris-q  09.11.2010


Superstar songstress Cher braved the cold pavement in New York yesterday to walk shoeless in just her fishnets into a television studio.

The 64-year-old has been making the chat show rounds to promote her upcoming film Burlesque which is released over Thanksgiving weekend in the U.S.

The singer and actress made the short dash from the car into the building clutching her shoes and showing off her hot pink toe nail polish and a tight-fitting animal print dress.

Later in the evening she emerged from the same building, this time with the shoes placed firmly on her feet. 

She then made another brief costume change and pulled on a comfortable pair of jeans and a set of sheepskin boots to brave the increasingly cold weather.

Later in the day Cher was seen heading over to the Glamour Women of The Year Event at the Carnegie Hall in New York.

At the event she received the magazine's Lifetime Achievement Award.


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We have added new photos from the 20th annual Glamour Women of the Year awards at Carnegie Hall in New York City on Monday night (8 November 2010). Cher is Glamour's Lifetime Achievement Award winner. These photos you can see in the gallery.


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We have added new photo from magazine Vanity Fair (December 2010) and video photoshoot with legend Cher. Scans from magazine will coming soon.


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We have added new production stills with Cher from film "Burlesque". These photos you can see in the gallery.


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We uploaded new layout and we really hope you like it! Making the new design we've found inspiration in new movie Burlesque. We've been working on it for a long time! Please leave comments in the guestbook to let us know what do you think about it.


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“I’m a bad Buddhist,” says Cher. “Plus, I’m stubborn. I’m always late. And I’m always working.” Forty-five years after becoming a sensation with “I Got You Babe,” Cherilyn Sarkisian is, once again, everywhere. Following a seven-year hiatus from the movies, she’s starring in the soon-to-be-released Burlesque. This year she also continued her long-running Las Vegas revue (with multiple glittery costume changes) and presented at the MTV Video Music Awards. Oh, yes, and she’s planning to direct her first film and would like to do something on Broadway, too.

And if that’s not enough, Cher, 64, is all over the map pushing humanitarian projects: helping build a school for orphans in Kenya and supporting Operation Helmet, which aims to make soldiers’ headgear more blast-resistant. Recently she cofounded The Heroes Project for wounded veterans. Next she wants to fund a new school, perhaps in Appalachia.

“The key to understanding Cher is, she never fakes anything,” says director Mike Nichols, who cast her in 1983’s Silkwood. “She is always truthful in her acting, her singing and the way she lives her life.” Her loyalty is legendary. Says producer David Geffen, “She is as relevant today as she was when I first met her in the sixties, and she is the same warm, unshakable friend. She can thrill, shock and amaze; that simply is Cher being Cher.”

All that honesty and drive have paid off. Cher is one of a handful of entertainers to win a Grammy, an Oscar and an Emmy, and she’s sold 100 million albums over her career. Can she ever slow down? “My grandmother was working out at the gym until she was 88,” says Cher. “I want to last that long too. Maybe not in five-inch heels. But we’ll see.”


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Cher tells Vanity Fair West Coast editor Krista Smith that she can’t believe “Sonny and I still aren’t in the [Rock and Roll] Hall of Fame, and it just seems kind of rude. Sonny was a good writer, and we started something that no one else was doing. We were weird hippies before there was a name for it, when the Beatles were wearing sweet little haircuts and round-collared suits…. We influenced a generation, and it’s like: What more do you want?”

As for her daughter turned son, Chaz, Cher says, “If I woke up tomorrow in a guy’s body, I would just kick and scream and cry and fucking rob a bank, because I cannot see myself as anything but who I am—a girl. I would not take it as well as Chaz has. I couldn’t imagine it.” While Cher remains a proud mother, she admits to Smith that she still gets confused: “She’s a very smart girl—boy! This is where I get into trouble. My pronouns are fucked. I still don’t remember to call her ‘him.’”

Of her secret to remaining in the spotlight for the past five decades, Cher tells Smith, “I feel like a bumper car. If I hit a wall, I’m backing up and going in another direction. And I’ve hit plenty of fucking walls in my career. But I’m not stopping. I think maybe that’s my best quality: I just don’t stop.”

Cher opens up about her feelings for Sonny, and their tumultuous marriage, saying that Sonny “told me when we were together, ‘One day you are going to leave me. You are going to go on and do great things.’ … I wouldn’t have left him if he hadn’t had such a tight grip—such a tight grip.” Cher tells Smith that Sonny treated her “more like a golden goose than like his wife…. I forgive him, I think. He hurt me in so many ways, but there was something. He was so much more than a husband—a terrible husband, but a great mentor, a great teacher…. If he had agreed to just disband Cher Enterprises and start all over again, I would have never ever left. Just split it down the middle, 50-50.”

Other highlights of the article include:

Cher on Sarah Palin and Jan Brewer:

“I got so obsessed with [C-SPAN] that it was kind of interfering with my life. Sarah Palin came on, and I thought, Oh, fuck, this is the end. Because a dumb woman is a dumb woman.” On the subject of Arizona governor Jan Brewer, Cher says, “She was worse than Sarah Palin, if that is possible. This woman was like a deer in headlights. She’s got a handle on the services of the state, and I would not let her handle the remote control.”

Cher on her family and drugs:

“It’s weird, because both of my children had the same drug problems as their fathers—same drug of choice. My father was a heroin addict, and my sister’s father was an alcoholic. But it jumped us…. I didn’t not do drugs because of moral issues. I tried a couple of drugs, but I never felt good out of control. I have the constitution of a fruit fly. I can’t do coffee, but I can do Dr Pepper.”

Cher on aging:

“I think Meryl [Streep] is doing it great. The stupid bitch is doing it better than all of us! But I don’t like it. It’s getting in my way. I have a job to do, and it’s making my job harder.”

“I’ve been screaming at the top of my lungs at my family, ‘Work out! Work out! Old age is coming!’ At some point you will need the strength. Who would have ever thought you would get this old?”

Cher on parenting and whether her children are still angry with her:

“I think Chaz is pretty much finished with it, and I think Elijah has a little longer to go, but they both really love me a lot. But it’s hard.”

“One time, when Chaz was little, we were on a field trip, and she said, ‘I’m so pissed off, Mom. You can never not be Cher—we can never just do something.’”She concludes, “So your kids pay. I did the best I could do, and yet it was definitely lacking.”

Cher on paying taxes:

“I would be willing to pay a lot more taxes, because I make a lot more money, but I don’t want to give them more to just fuck things up more. It really should fall on people like me to get together and do things to help the people in this country. If you’re not worrying about how to put food on your table, you [should be] worrying about why other people don’t have food on their table. I remember a great America where we made everything. There was a time when the only thing you got from Japan was a really bad cheap transistor radio that some aunt gave you for Christmas.”

The December issue of Vanity Fair will be available on newsstands in New York and Los Angeles on Thursday, November 4, and nationally and on the iPad on Tuesday, November 9.


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