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Posted by: Twins 23.10.2012


Cher recently took to Twitter to reveal her love for X Factor, and in particular finalist Ella Henderson.
Now she's set to appear on the show herself, as she's reportedly going the perform at the show's finale in December.
According to sources, Simon Cowell is pulling out all the stops for the grande finale of the talent show, and has also managed to secure The Killers and Beyonce to appear.

The last live show traditionally features guest performances by music's biggest names, and the 66-year-old Cher would fit right in.
'It's an X Factor tradition to get great names for the final and Simon was determined to pull out all the stops,' a show insider tells the Daily Mirror.
The star is known for hits such as I Got You Babe and Believe, the latter which current hopeful Ella Henderson spectacularly covered during the boot camp shows.

The 16-year-old even managed to impress the diva herself with the stripped down performance of the iconic Cher song.
Taking to Twitter, Cher told her million followers she cried after seeing the X Factor hopeful sing her song on YouTube.
'Went on YouTube to see young girl sing Believe! Tears came to my eyes! So touching! A great version of a great song. We can share it!,' she wrote.
The young X Factor star was thrilled to receive the shout out from the legendary veteran superstar.
'I'm still pinching myself. To have the actual Cher tweet that she'd seen my performance was mind-blowing. I've been smiling all day. It's unbelievable,' she said at the time.

Cher will probably be singing a duet with one of the three finalists, which is likely to include public's favourite Ella, who has been sailing through the competition so far.
The 66-year-old singer is said to be joined by Beyonce and The Killers during the extravagant show to be aired at December 9.
The Killers will take the opportunity of being on the programme, which currently pulls in around 9.3 million viewers, to promote their hit record Battle Born which was released last month.


Posted by: Chris-q 22.10.2012


Superstar CHER is upset her comeback single has leaked as she has yet to put the finishing touches to the track.
The Believe hitmaker is gearing up to release her first album in 11 years, and fans were thrilled when a short snippet of lead track Woman's World made its way onto the Internet and was played in a club in Michigan.
However, Cher insists the song was leaked without her permission, and is angry it has been heard before it was completed.
In a series of posts on her page, she writes, "I'm upset about the leak. It's not the End of The World, but don't understand how club in Michigan played min (minute) of it? It's not final mix!
"Vocal sounds different, well there's more but I'm not going to stress, it's just it's my 1st cd in a gazzion yrs (sic) & I've worked so hard on it. Wanted it to come out like it is now.
"I have 2 real problems with this leak! 1st I wanted ppl (people) to hear final mix & we haven't done video! Also record co (company) had changed roll out date to Jan (January). They wanted to have videos finished, world promo tour etc etc to coincide."


Posted by: Twins 19.10.2012


Cher is coming back with the mega hit!!! You can hear a snippet of the song “Woman’s World” below. This will be Cher’s first release since her 2010 “You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me” and “Welcome to Burlesque”. The single is scheduled to be release soon, and her album will be released this Christmas. Lyrics of the song you can find here.




Posted by: Chris-q 16.10.2012


According to the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) two songs from Cher’s upcoming album have titles “Collide” and “Woman’s World” and are written by Anthony Robert Crawford and Paul Oakenfold. Paul Oakenfold is an English record producer and trance DJ. He has produced for stars such as U2, Madonna and The Happy Mondays, remixed Michael Jackson, The Rolling Stones and Justin Timberlake and released over 20 DJ mix compilations.

Source: Cher Brasil


Posted by: Twins 16.10.2012


The 65-year-old singer Elton John is reportedly sparing no expense and planning huge parties to celebrate his partner’s 50th birthday in Los Angeles on October 25.
A source told the MailOnline: “Elton wants this to be the party to end all parties. Money is no object.”
Elton has called in several personal favours from friends including Lady Gaga, the Scissor Sisters, Cher and Cirque du Soleil who have agreed to perform at a number of different events around the city.
Guests including Victoria and David Beckham, ‘Gossip Girl’ star Elizabeth Hurley and the Osbourne family have all been invited to attend the elaborate celebration, which will kick off on October 24, with many other famous faces expected to fly in from around the world.
The guests will be provided rooms at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, which will be paid for in full by Elton.
The party will start on the eve of David Furnish’s birthday at the couple’s recently renovated mansion in Hollywood. The next day 200 guests will attend a dinner party in the ballroom of the 112-year-old Belasco Theatre in downtown Los Angeles and day three’s celebrations will take place at Greystone Manor nightclub, where Cher will perform.
Finally guest will be chauffeured to Las Vegas for a fourth and final night of partying, where they will see Elton’s ‘Million Dollar Piano’ show at Caesars Palace.


Posted by: Chris-q 11.10.2012


Cher reaches 1 million Twitter followers!

Our congratulations to you, Cher! It is a good sign for all of us. And we sure Cher will rich other millions when the new album come out! So we wait!

Cher thanked and invited her 1 million followers to dance with her: "Go to YouTube and find Snoopy dance and we'll do it together! Guys, don't be butch, jump around and be a kid again! We'll laugh!" After several minutes she added, "I think it’s time to stand up & dance ! It’s scary huh ! Here I go! Ok I’m channeling Snoopy. Omg ! I’m out of breath! Ahh ahh! Whoa! That was fun & silly & if my Rinpoche had been here he would have been rocking out & hes a Lama"

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