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Posted by: Chris-q 29.09.2013


We have added new exclusive outtakes from Vanity Fair Photoshoot (December 2010) photographed by Norman Jean Roy. These pictures you can see in the gallery.


Posted by: Twins 25.09.2013


No, you're not seeing things.
Yes, that's Cher with two completely different hair colors on the same day.
The pop icon posed for photographers on the sidewalk Tuesday afternoon, a tradition almost all Late Night With David Letterman guests do, before going into the studio to prepare for the show. She sported full bond locks and a bold black and gold ensemble for the photo opp.

Once inside, however, Cher did away with her light locks, transforming (we assume through the power/magic of wiggery) into a brunette. The photo below shows her out on the sidewalk again, but with a completely new look.
And that, friends, is how the pop stars do it.

The videos from the show you can see in the videogallery.


Posted by: Chris-q 24.09.2013



Music fans know all too well: It's been a just a wee bit too long since the legendary Cher has given us a new studio album. The pop icon kept fans waiting for more than a decade; however, she's finally come through with her smashing new set, Closer To The Truth, released Tuesday.
The first single from the album, "Woman's World," quickly became a dance sensation. Her next single, "I Hope You Find It," takes a different direction, going for a full-sweeping ballad route that perfectly shows off Cher's rich and smoky vocals that have made her a No. 1 hitmaker in every single one of the past six decades.
Here's the first look at the official lyric video for the song, exclusively made available to Yahoo Music! Enjoy the beautiful treatment of this beautiful song, as well as savor the bittersweet message Cher delivers.
Cher has announced she'll be embarking on a U.S./Canada tour starting in March of next year. Mark your calendars -- and keep up with her schedule here so you don't miss the date she comes to your town!


Posted by: Twins 24.09.2013


With 26 studio albums under her belt, there's plenty of music to Cher.
The legendary rock diva took to the stage at the "Today" show Monday to promote her new album "Closer to the Truth."
The truth is that at 67 years old, Cher looked amazing as she sang her song "Woman's World," making this her second performance since her Farewell Tour ended in 2005. She made her official return to the stage June 18 on the season finale of "The Voice."
The Grammy Award-winner admitted she isn't a morning person, so when "Today" co-host Savannah Guthrie asked how she was feeling when the alarm went off Monday morning, Cher replied, "How can I get out of here?"
She then turned the question back on Guthrie.
"I thought, 'She does this all the time?' What kind of a social life do you have?"
Matt Lauer continued the conversation by pointing out Cher's Twitter admission that she was suffering from laryngitis over the weekend.

"My voice … well … it's like jumping out of a plane in a parachute your mom packed!!" she tweeted Sunday. "You just pray it opens."
Despite her concerns, Cher performed in front of screaming fans who undoubtedly adore her and were excited when she announced she'll soon be heading back out on the road for her "Dressed to Kill" tour.
Kicking off on March 22, 2014, in Phoenix, Cher will wrap her 49-city North American tour on July 11 in San Diego.
For her last tour, she performed a record-breaking 325 dates for 5.5 million fans.
While she loves performing in venues around the country, she explained on "Today" how touring is difficult.
"I understand why guys in bands tear up hotel rooms because it's a very lonely place," she said. "The only time you have fun is at the concert."
The "Believe" singer looked like she was having a lot of fun performing live Monday in New York City. However, it didn't take long before she was ready to get some shut eye.
"Wow!! I just woke up in the same clothes I was wearing this morning on TV," she tweeted Monday. "What's worse, I fell asleep in 37 pounds of makeup!"


Posted by: Chris-q 24.09.2013


Take a revealing look at one of the most iconic artists of our time, and the mother that raised her, when Dear Mom, Love Cher arrives on DVD September 24 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. Experience the true story of Cher’s life and her close relationship with her family, including her mother Georgia Holt. Along with the unique access to family footage, this exclusive DVD release includes a special birthday video from Cher to her mother. The DVD is timed to coincide with the release of Cher’s highly anticipated, new solo album, also out on September 24. See the life of a true artist behind closed doors with Dear Mom, Love Cher available on DVD for the suggested retail price of $14.98.
Dear Mom, Love Cher provides a rare peek into Cher’s fascinating family history and features in-depth interviews with Georgia Holt, her daughters Cher and Georganne LaPiere Bartylak, and grandchildren Chaz Bono and Elijah Blue Allman. Dear Mom, Love Cher includes unprecedented access to the family and features a never-before-heard duet performance with Holt and Cher, along with the long-lost recordings Holt taped more than three decades ago that Cher has re-mastered for commercial release later this year, making her mother’s lifelong dream a reality.

Special Offer: The official site now has the download available with Russian, French, Spanish, German and Japanese subtitles ONLY for $5!

You can also buy "Dear Mom, Love Cher" on Amazon and iTunes,


Posted by: Twins 24.09.2013


It’s official, Cher has announced that she will kick off her “Dressed To Kill” 49 city North American Tour beginning in Phoenix on March 22nd with stops in NY, LA, Boston, Las Vegas, and other cities across the US and Canada. A full list of “Dressed to Kill” tour dates and cities can be found here. For ticket information, please go to
Cher’s previous tour “The Farewell Tour” later dubbed “The Never Can Say Goodbye Tour” was one of the most successful tours ever by a solo artist and played for a record-breaking 325 dates and seen by over 5.5 million people.
American Express® Cardmembers can purchase tickets before the general public beginning Monday September 30th, 10am through Thursday, October 3rd, 10pm. For all tickets purchased online, presale and general public, ticketholders will receive a free copy of Cher’s new album “Closer To The Truth,” which will be available tomorrow Sept. 24th at Target, iTunes, Amazon, or other music retailer for those in the US and Canada.


Posted by: Chris-q 18.09.2013


Weeks after MTV's Video Music Awards, some artists are still discussing Miley Cyrus' wild performance on the show's telecast.
While Cyrus' recent collaborator Britney Spears came to her defense yesterday, two other major female performers are less than pleased with the 20-year-old singer's antics. Both Cher and P!nk spoke out against Cyrus' stage show of her hit single "We Can't Stop," saying they expected more from the former Disney star.
"Am I into it?" P!nk questioned in an interview with E! Online. "No, I think it's tacky."
"She's really freaking talented; she's beautiful," P!nk continued. "She can sing her ass off and to go up there and do that? She's cheating herself and she's cheating the rest of us... She can do what she wants. People can like it if they want. I'm not going to buy it. She can do better. I've seen her do better."
Cher, who said in an interview with USA Today that Cyrus' VMA appearance "was so bad," took issue with the performance on multiple levels.
"I'm not old-fashioned," Cher told the publication. "She could have come out naked, and if she'd just rocked the house, I would have said, 'You go, girl.' It just wasn't done well. She can't dance, her body looked like hell, the song wasn't great, one cheek was hanging out. And, chick, don't stick out your tongue if it's coated."
The backlash to Cyrus' onstage twerking has been plentiful but the newly single performer seems unfazed by the criticism.
"They're over thinking it. You're thinking about it more than I thought about it when I did it. Like, I didn't even think about it, because that's just me," Cyrus said days after the performance. "I don't pay attention to the negatives. I've seen this play out so many times. Anyone [who] performs, that's what you're looking for. You want to make history."

UPDATE: Cher took to Twitter on Wednesday afternoon to address her earlier words on Cyrus: "I'm a little ashamed," wrote Cher. "I didn't keep my big Opinionated mouth shut.... What I should have said (is) 'I didn't like (the performance) that much, but she's Pushing The Envelope,being an ARTIST. She's talented,& DIDNT COMMIT A FELONY. But somehow my ego had 2 get ITS 2 CENTS IN!"
She went on to tweet, "Ps this is Not an apology 4 what I Thought,its a Reminder,that if I don't practice my principles,I loose Them."


Posted by: Twins 18.09.2013


MALIBU, Calif. — Singer, actress, director, writer, activist, philanthropist, fashion daredevil, indomitable diva. Cher has blazed trails, scaled peaks and burned bridges during her half-century in entertainment. And yet the Goddess of Pop hasn't quite mastered the art of self-promotion.
"I wasn't even going to do it," she says of Closer to the Truth, out Sept. 24. "I thought I already did my best and I didn't want to do less."
Cher, 67, credits the relentless prodding of co-manager Lindsay Scott for luring her back to the studio to craft her 26th solo album, the first since 2002's Living Proof. The diverse results include dance hit Woman's World, moving 9/11 anthem Sirens, melancholy My Love and swaggering duet Take It Like a Man with Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters.
"I'm just so not a Cher fan, but I like these songs," she says. "In my life, there are songs I've done that I really love, that I don't think I ruined, like You Haven't Seen the Last of Me, Song for the Lonely or Believe. But there's only a handful. The early ones I don't like at all. My voice was so strange and different. This is as good as I'm ever going to do."
That's Cher's backhanded way of saying Truth might be her best album ever, a sentiment echoed by early critical buzz.
She's especially pleased with Lie to Me and I Walk Alone, supplied by friend Pink.
"I'm a gigantic fan," Cher says. When she heard Pink's Dear Mr. President, "I cried my eyes out. She's a real girl who has problems, is soft, is hard. She's a kick-a-- girl who follows after me."
Cher and pal Shirley Eikhard co-wrote Lovers Forever, cut from 1994's Interview With the Vampire soundtrack.
"They didn't love it and there were no other vampire outlets then, so I held it," Cher says, noting that she seldom records her own material because "it's moody and introspective, a bit dark and very personal. I write about Kurt Cobain's death and homeless people. It's not for everybody."
The only artist with a No. 1 single on a Billboard chart in each of the past six decades, Cher seems to have something for everybody. The secret to her enduring appeal?
"It's because she's Cher," says Keith Caulfield, Billboard's associate director of charts/retail. "She's this icon who's touched so many people over a long and varied career. Even if you're not a huge Cher fan, you know I Got You Babe and you've seen her slap Nic Cage in Moonstruck.
"People never tire of certain great entertainers like Barbra Streisand, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and Cher. Just the fact that you endure endears you to people. And she's a survivor."

Source: USA Today


Posted by: Chris-q 17.09.2013


Cher sat down with ET's Rob Marciano on Monday night, dishing on her recent refusal to perform at next year's Winter Olympics, hosted by Russia, due to the country's anti-gay laws.
Cher's rejection follows Russian president Vladimir Putin's decision to pass a law prohibiting adoption of Russian-born children to national and international same-sex couples.
The Grammy and Oscar winner explained that she has many friends who reside in Russia that "don't agree with what's going on with the government," and the fact that she has a transgendered child, Chaz Bono, had nothing to do with her decision.
"Chaz never even occurred to me," said Cher. "I have gay fans that have kept me working and given me a livelihood when nobody else was thinking I was that hot. In my low points they have never left."


In similar fashion, former Prison Break star Wentworth Miller turned down an invitation to attend the St. Petersburg International Film Festival last month.
"I cannot in good conscience participate in a celebratory occasion hosted by a country where people like myself are being systematically denied their basic right to live and love openly," Miller wrote in a letter to festival director Maria Averbakh.
Tune in to ET Tuesday night for more of Rob's interview with Cher. Fans can pick up her first album in 12 years, Closer to the Truth, when it drops September 24.


Posted by: Twins 17.09.2013


The legendary Cher will bring her chart-topping songs to Rockefeller Plaza for a special Toyota Summer Concert Series on TODAY performance on Monday, Sept. 23.
Ever wish you could be front and center when your favorite music star performs on TODAY? Well, now you can. Fill out the information here for a chance to get a fan pass to Cher concert.

Buy Cher's new album "Closer The Truth":

Target Exclusive Edition featuring an exclusive cover and 3 additional bonus

Deluxe Edition Featuring 3 additional bonus tracks - iTunes,, Amazon


Posted by: Chris-q 17.09.2013


Cher is gifting her fans with a free stream of Closer to the Truth, her 26th studio album on, almost a week in advance of the album’s September 24 release date.
From the site:
The one and only Cher is back — again — and ready to release her first studio album in over 10 years. Listen to her new album, Closer to the Truth, for free until the album releases on September 24. If you like what you hear, pre-order the new album, available in both deluxe and standard versions.
In addition to 12 all-new songs, the deluxe edition will feature bonus tracks, remixes and the original version of “You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me” off the Burlesque soundtrack.
1. Woman’s World
2. Take It Like A Man
3. My Love
4. Dressed To Kill
5. Red
6. Lovers Forever
7. I Walk Alone
8. Sirens
9. Favorite Scars
10. I Hope You Find It
11. Lie To Me
12. I Don’t Have To Sleep To Dream (Bonus Track)
13. Pride (Bonus Track)
14. You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me (Original Version) (Bonus Track)
15. Woman’s World (R3hab Remix)
16. Woman’s World (Jodie Harsh Remix)
17. Will You Wait For Me (Bonus Track)

You can also buy:

Target Exclusive Edition featuring an exclusive cover and 3 additional bonus

Deluxe Edition Featuring 3 additional bonus tracks - iTunes,, Amazon


Posted by: Twins 12.09.2013


What 67 really looks like: Cher dials back the glamour for charity cycling event... but can't resist wearing some make-up.
She can be seen perfectly coiffed and with blonde locks on the cover of her new album Closer To The Truth.
But Cher took a more natural approach as she toned down the glamour to take part in a charity cycling event on Wednesday.

However the 67-year-old wasn't willing to forgo all her make-up to participate in Cycle For Heroes: A Rock Inspired Ride.
Cher’s copper eyeshadow and kohl liner were smudged as she posed after the event while covered in sweat.
The If I Could Turn Back Time hit-maker’s trademark jet black hair was frazzled as she continued with her more natural look.
What’s more, Cher’s fringe was plastered to her forehead as she had decided against pinning her tresses out of her famous face.
At least the star had clearly worked hard at the ride, which was held on Santa Monica pier in order to benefit wounded soldiers.
Cher wore black tracksuit bottoms and a matching hoodie which was zipped up over a lacy top.
The iconic singer took the time to chat and pose with some of the soldiers the money raised would be helping.


Posted by: Chris-q 12.09.2013


Are you ready to get super excited!?
On September 24, the Goddess of Pop Cher will release her first new album in 12 long years. The snippet previews of the songs from Cher's new album are now available and you can take a listen to the snippets on iTunes.
All the way through Closer To The Truth Cher’s distinctive voice remains an inspiring instrument to telegraph whatever emotions the songs require. Whether it’s a heartfelt ballad co-written by Pink called “Lie to Me, an unashamed dance-floor extravaganza Take It Like A Man, a haunting and profoundly romantic “I Hope You Find It”, a James Bondesque club thriller, “Dressed To Kill” or poignant anthem to 9/11 Sirens, they are all beautifully executed parts of what critics have already termed a classic as well as a masterpiece. “I’m proud of my new record.. I think if you’re a Cher fan, you’ll definitely be happy and not disappointed,” commented the pop icon in a recent interview. Cher is scheduled to begin a whirlwind global promotional tour in conjunction with the album’s release and will be appearing on several major TV shows around the world.
Cher counts Oscar, Emmy, Grammy and several Golden Globes amongst her long list of awards and a long held reputation as one of the most exciting and unforgettable live touring acts ever Her multi-platinum Believe album which 20 million copies and contained the international hit single Believe selling 11 million copies worldwide. Cher’s abiity to retain her star status and relevance is reflected by the unprecedented achievement of being the only artist to have a No. 1 single on the Billboard pop charts in each of the last six decades.

“Woman’s World”
“Take It Like a Man”
“My Love”
“Dressed to Kill”
“Lovers Forever”
“I Walk Alone”
“Favorite Scars”
“I Hope You Find It”
“Lie to Me”
“I Don’t Have to Sleep to Dream”
“You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me” (Original Version)

Pre-order Cher’s new album on iTunes, Amazon or


Posted by: Twins 09.09.2013


Cher looks looks gorgeous as she graces the cover of Shangay Express magazine’s new September 2013 issue, on newsstands now. The 67-year-old singer posed for the brand new photo shoot earlier this sommer. For more from Cher, visit!


Posted by: Chris-q 09.09.2013


‘The Voice’ Coaches Pick Cher, Ed Sheeran, Ryan Tedder, Miguel As Advisers. It’s an impressive list of advisers for The Voice’s new season. The coaches have chosen Cher, Ed Sheeran, Ryan Tedder, and Miguel as mentors for their teams.
The group of Grammy winners and multi-platinum-recording artists will be part of the Battle Grounds, which is the part of the competition in which members of each team face off in a boxing like stage.
Before the contestants come on stage, their coach and adviser gives them pointers on how to give their best performance.
As reported by The Inquisitr earlier this year, Ryan Tedder will be Adam Levine’s adviser, Cher is said to work alongside country superstar Blake Shelton, ballad singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran will team up with returning coach Christina Aguilera, and Miguel will advise another returning coach, Cee Lo Green.
Aguilera and Green left the show last year to pursue different opportunities and were replaced by Shakira and Usher.
The announcement of The Voice new advisers came in the form of a press release from NBC Entertainment President of Late Night and Alternative Programming Paul Telegdy.
“This group of wildly successful musicians will add their distinctive talents to their respective teams. I know Christina, Adam, CeeLo and Blake are very much looking forward to having them come aboard.”
Cher is the only artist to have a No. 1 single on the Billboard pop charts on each of the past six decades. She is a Grammy (“Believe”), Oscar (“Moonstruck”), Emmy (“Cher: The Farewell Tour”), and Golden Globe (“The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour”, “Silkwood”, “Moonstruck”) winner and has become an icon of the music industry.
Ed Sheeran is a British singer-songwriter and a Grammy Award nominee at 22-years-old for his song “The A-List”, which was one of his huge hits from the album +.
Ryan Tedder is the founder and frontman for the band OneRebupblic and has sold over 130 million records worldwide. He is also a producer of artists such as Adele, Beyonce, and Maroon 5.
Finally Miguel hit the airwaves in 2010 with his single “All I Want Is You”, followed by a Grammy Award nomination for “Kaleidoscope Dream.” He has five nominations altogether.


Posted by: Twins 09.09.2013


Her voice—that famous contralto—has kept Cher on the Billboard charts, on TV and in films for more than five decades. She is one of only 16 people on the planet to be part of the EGO club—a rarefied circle of performers who have won an Emmy, a Grammy and an Oscar. And a Tony win may be in the cards in the future as she plans to stage a Broadway musical about her life. Her 26th album, Closer to the Truth, due out Sept. 24, comes more than a decade after her last full-length disc. Already, her latest single, Woman’s World, has made it to the Billboard dance club songs chart—her eighth No. 1 hit.
Q: I remember interviewing Eartha Kitt and she said she never wanted her name and the word “comeback” to be in the same sentence.
A: I met Eartha Kitt when I was 14. My mother took me to the Persian Room and I saw her perform. I took mental notes. She was fabulous. But I never think of the word comeback as a slap in the face—it’s a challenge. You are either on people’s radar or you’re not.
Q: Your first cover with Time in 1975 is one of those iconic moments in magazines. What were you were thinking when you were shooting it?
A: [Legendary Vogue editor] Diana Vreeland was on the set for that cover. It was originally for a Vogue shoot.She was wonderful. I met her because Charles Engelhard threw a dinner in Jackie Kennedy’s honour at the Waldorf Astoria towers and they asked Jackie who she would like to perform and she requested that Sonny and I sing. Jackie insisted we sit beside her at dinner—she told us that I Got You Babe was a favourite of hers and the kids. She also thought Sonny was so Shakespearean. I met Diana Vreeland there. After dinner, a strange old woman came up to me and patted my hair and said “My dear, you’re beautiful, you have a pointed head.” I thought, “Who is this old chick?” And then she said, “I must get Richard to photograph you.” Two days later, I’m with photographer Richard Avedon.
Q: Did you feel you wanted to be more glamorous?
A: Oh God, I’ve always wanted to be more beautiful.
Q: Is it easier for a man to return to the entertainment business than a woman?
A: I think it’s easier for men to do everything in this industry—especially coming back.
Q: There’s such a change in the way people come back. It feels as if Lady Gaga never took a two-year break—she was making so much news. Does that pace set up artists for failure?
A: The business has changed so much. Who knows how she will evolve, but Gaga has an idea for herself and she follows it. Madonna was the same way. Madonna said and did what she wanted, whenever she wanted and she was ahead of the curve. Always. She had her ear to the ground more than anyone.
Q: Sade once told me she felt Lady Gaga was more authentic than Madonna ever was.
A: Madonna was authentic for her time. People like Madonna and me paved the way for the women who came after us.

Read Elio Iannacci's interview with Cher here...


Posted by: Chris-q 04.09.2013


Cher, one of the world's most enduring and versatile performers, is returning to the limelight after a decade-long break from recording. The legendary singer, known for her flamboyant outfits and ever-changing hair, is releasing a new album and planning to tour again.
When we met in Santa Monica, California, Cher was as Cher-like as you could imagine - a classy three hours late and dressed to the nines. She was upbeat, introspective and as honest as they come.
Closer To The Truth is Cher's first studio release since Living Proof in 2002. The first single, Woman's World, a dance track produced and co-written by DJ Paul Oakenfold, is already a club hit.

But the singer's return to touring has come as a surprise. It is 11 years since she embarked on The Farewell Tour, a global extravaganza that was later renamed The Never Can Say Goodbye Tour, as it became clear that Cher was in no mood to give it up. The tour was extended several times and ended up completing a record breaking 326 dates.
Looking back, the singer says she was convinced that it was a final farewell.
"I really thought it was," she says. "It didn't seem like I had anything else to say."
But, at the age of 67, she has had a change of heart.

The new album features two songs written by Pink and is an eclectic mix of dance tracks, ballads and even country. The album's title, which Cher says she likes because it is "ambiguous," comes from one of Pink's songs, Walk Alone.
But Cher says: "If I had thought about it longer, I would have called it, Dressed To Kill, because it seems more appropriate."
The new music has persuaded Cher that she should hit the road again.
"When you have something new to say or new to sing, then it makes the idea of going on tour more reasonable."

Read Peter Bowes' interview with Cher here...

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