Released: May 1975

Recorded: 1974-1975 Sunset Sound Recorders

Genre: Rock, pop

Length: 40:11

Label: Warner Bros.

Producer: Jimmy Webb

Stars is the twelfth studio album by American singer Cher, released in 1975 by Warner Bros. Records. The album was one in a string of commercial flops for Cher in the 1970s and failed to chart. The album is by-and-large a covers album.

It was the first record for Warner Bros. Records and was produced by Jimmy Webb. The album was also her very first without Sonny's influence as it followed Cher's divorce with Sonny and the dissolution of her relationship with David Geffen. The album reviews were good, but sales were below expectations despite promotion.




Album History

Stars was released in 1975. Two singles, "These Days" and "Geronimo's Cadillac", were released to promote the album's release. Both songs did not enter the charts. To help sales, Cher performed material from the album on the "The Carol Burnett Show" and "The Flip Wilson Show". The songs performed were "Love Hurts", Just This One Time" and "Geronimo's Cadillac".

In early 1975, Cher began recording with Phil Spector. These sessions beget the songs "A Woman's Story," and the previously recorded song by The Ronettes, "Baby, I Love You." However, due to Spector's expensive use of studio time, the album was eventually shelved. These songs were released as singles but were unsuccessful; these releases are now considered hard-to-find rarities. Cher then turned to Jimmy Webb to record this album.


Track listing


Side A

01. "Love Enough" 3:05
02. "Bell Bottom Blues" 4:04
03. "These Days" 4:07
04. "Mr. Soul" 3:03
05. "Just This One Time" 4:42

Side B

01. "Geronimo's Cadillac" 2:58
02. "The Bigger They Come, The Harder They Fall" 3:17
03. "Love Hurts" 4:46
04. "Rock and Roll Doctor" 3:05
05. "Stars" 5:11


The album is considered by many of Cher's fans to be one of the greatest recordings in her career, and there are fan-created petitions for Warner Bros. Records to release the album onto CD format.

Singles from Stars
"These Days"
Released: 1975
"Geronimo's Cadillac"
Released: 1975


Photoshoot from "Stars"