Take Me Home was Cher's first album of 1979, and was also her first album released by Casablanca Records. The record was produced by Bob Esty and Ron Dante, and most of the lyrics were written by Michele Aller and Bob Esty. This marked the beginning of Cher's brief venture into Disco music. Much to Cher's chagrin, she was pressured into recording an album of this genre. From the album, came a major comeback hit, "Take Me Home". Cher contributed a self-penned song about her failed marriage to Gregg Allman on the closing ballad "My Song (Too Far Gone)". This album is dedicated to "Butterfly".

Sales of the album may have been boosted by the image of a scantily-clad Cher in a Viking outfit on the albumís cover, which received a lot of attention at the time. Take Me Home was also the first album, to have three tracks mixed: "Take Me Home" (12" Mix), "Wasn't it Good" (12" Mix) and "Git Down (Guitar Grupie)" (12" Mix) available in the "Hell on Wheels" single. Gene Simmons, her boyfriend at the time, received a credit in the album due to his presence on the track "Git Down (Guitar Grupie)".

Take Me Home has been released on CD together with her second Casablanca Records album Prisoner numerous times, in a CD entitled, The Casablanca Years. This CD unites all the tracks from both albums, merging them onto one single CD, the album was released in 1993 and re-released in 1996 with a different cover.


To promote the album, Cher recorded a music video, for the lead single, "Take Me Home". The video was aired in an exclusive show called "Cher... and Other Fantasies". She also performed "Take me Home" along with the album tracks "Love & Pain" and "Happy Was The Day We Met" on The Mike Douglas Show.




Cher made her first solo tour, The "Take Me Home Tour". The tour was highly successful and two dates of the show were recorded for broadcast, in Monte Carlo and at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas..


Cher - lead vocals
Jay Graydon - guitar
Gene Simmons - background vocals in "Git Down (Guitar Groupie)"
Bob Esty - record producer
Ron Dante - record producer
Larry Emerine - sound engineer
Richard Bowls - sound engineer
Janice Soled - project coordinator
Wayne Olsen - compilation producer
Barry Levine - photography



Photoshoot from "Take Me Home"