Released: November 1977

Recorded: 1977

Genre: Pop rock

Length: 31:35

Label: Warner Bros.

Producer: Gregg Allman, Johnny Sandlin and John Haeny


The product of the two singers' unlikely and turbulent relationship and marriage, it attempted an even more unlikely musical melding of Allman's Southern rock with Cher's idiosyncratic, personality-driven pop. The uncharacteristically airblown cover notwithstanding, Allman's musical ideas and singing generally took the lead.




Album History

The album was not well-received; the 1979 Rolling Stone Record Guide said "It's hard to imagine a more inappropriate combination ... It's the bottom of the barrel after a long fall for Gregg, and more of the same for Cher," and rated the album "Worthless".

Two the Hard Way was not a commercial success either; by the time the 1983 edition of the same guide had come out, the album was out of print.

To promote the released of the album Cher and Allman did a mini tour called Two the Hard Way Tour.


Cher - lead vocals
Gregg Allman - lead vocals


Track listing

Side A

01."Move Me" 2:58
02."I Found You Love" 3:58
03."Can You Fool" 3:21
04."You've Really Got a Hold on Me" 3:18
05."We're Gonna Make It" 3:15
06."Do What You Gotta Do" 3:26

Side B

01."In For the Night" 3:34
02."Shadow Dream Song" 3:43
03."Island" (Cher solo) 4:25
04."I Love Makin' Love to You" 3:49
05."Love Me" 2:48


Singles from Prisoner
"Move Me"
Released: 1977
"You've Really Got A Hold On Me"
Released: 1977


Photoshoot from "Two The Hard Way"