.:Wild on the Beach:.

Directors: Maury Dexter

Year: 1965
Country: USA

Production Companies: Lippert Productions Ltd.

Distributors: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Cast: Frankie Randall, Sherry Jackson, Gayle Caldwell, Jackie Miller, Cher, Sonny Bono, Jerry Grayson, Russ Bender

Writers: Harry Spalding, Hank Tani

Produced by: Maury Dexter, 'By' Dunham

Cinematography by: Jacques R. Marquette

Genre: Comedy

Film Editing by: Jodie Copelan

Runtime: 77 min
Release Date: 25 August 1965 USA













Plot summary:

Co-ed Lee Sullivan (Sherry Jackson), a student at an unnamed California college, inherits a house on the beach from her late uncle. She wants to use the building as boarding house for girls, thus both alleviating the student housing shortage and financing her education.
Meanwhile, Adam Miller (Frankie Randall), plans to turn the beach house into a boys' boardinghouse, claiming that he received permission to do so while Lee's uncle was still alive. Adam secretly files first for an off-campus housing permit, and the boys take up residence in the house. Lee also receives a permit, and naturally, problems develop when both male and female students decide to co-habitate - this administrative mix-up also makes for much ducking and dodging of the university authorities.
In spite of being at odds with each other, a romance blossoms between Lee and Adam.






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- Some sources state that the film was also released under the title Beach House Party, to date no prints or posters have surfaced with such a title.

- "Wild on the Beach" is the film debut of Sonny and Cher.

- Sonny & Cher sing a song "It's Gonna Rain" (written by Sonny Bono).

- It is distinguished as being one of the few films in the genre to be filmed in black and white.